Battlefield 3: Assignment Assistance

I play a lot of Battlefield 3 multiplayer and have almost completed all of the assignments to date, so I decided I would write a little guide to help those that may be having some trouble finishing their unfinished assignments. First off it is a lot easier to eliminate the classes that you normally can’t stand playing, for me personally I try and eliminate any Recon assignment first as I normally play Medic or Support. If the current assignment has multiple tasks try to focus on one that is specific to that map and try to work on individual tasks at a time. A perfect example of this is if you need to get a kill with the EOD bot do so on a map that you can easily attack a camping sniper.

Remember that unless weapon or equipment specific you do not have try and complete the task with that class. A perfect example of this is I found it a lot easier to obtain anti-vehicular ribbons with the Support class and C-4 versus trying to whither them down with RPGs. The most important strategy though to unlocking assignments is to work with a squad to get a goal, such as having one squad mate use the Laser Designator while another uses the Javelin to knock out enemy vehicles helping both achieve the assignments for their class. I hope this little guide helps you obtain those still locked unique dog tags and weapon skins.