Be Part of Our Team!

AutobotsWe are currently hiring and are looking for people who want to part of our team. If you ever had that dream of being in the video game business then send us an email and give it a shot. We are looking for people with a passion for gaming and the drive to be successful and WE OFFER TRAINING! So ask yourself this: Are you worthy to be called an FBG Staff Member?

We’re growing quick and we need more people to help our growing empire we’re mainly looking for people in the San Diego – Los Angeles areas but not limited to them if you have a great resume and the passion we’re looking for we’ll hire you no matter where you live.

Apart from everyday general writers, here are some specific positions we’re looking for.

  • Content Writers (general everyday writing)
  • AV experience, live streaming, commentary (at events not at home).
  • Web Programmer/Coder (HTML,Flash,HTML5, etc)
  • cartoonist/animator
  • Comic book/graphic novel critic/reviewer
  • Card game reviewer (Magic,Pokemon,etc) I’m aware not everyone plays everything so we could use more than one person for this.
  • We’re always looking for original content (cartoons, funny gameplay video’s, etc) if you have something we would love to have it on the site.

That’s it for now to get the ball rolling we’ll be adding more if needed, also if you’re a student with no experience no worries as long as you have the drive and passion we’re looking for we’ll consider anyone for a position.

Please send all inquiries to with the subject “Fanboygaming job”.

Indicate what position your interested in and provide your experience and resume.