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With Iron Man 3 knocking on our door you may be wondering what I can expect. The trailer alone is intense. Tony Stark questioning himself, armor seeming to attack Tony and Pepper, and the appearance of the dreaded Mandarin.  Now as comic book movies have shown us in the past, they never mirror the source material perfectly. With that being said here are a few Iron Man story arcs you should read to give you an idea of what director Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Lethal Weapon) has in store for Tony Stark and friends.


Source: Demon (Invincible Iron Man 510-515) By Matt Fraction

Long way down (Invincible Iron Man 516-520)

Futures (Invincible Iron Man 521-527)


In the face of universal Armageddon Tony Stark gave into his addiction. After years of sobriety Stark drank. Somehow someone found out and United States government is now calling for Stark to stop being Iron Man. When Tony Stark’s three most dangerous enemies: Justin Hammer, Ezekiel Stane, and The dreaded Mandarin band together to destroy Tony Stark’s life, he is forced to give in to the Governments demands. After everything had been stripped away from Tony Stark he must find a way back. He must find a way to defeat The Mandarin.


How I think it will play into Iron Man 3

This is the story of Tony Stark Losing Everything. He gives up his sobriety and his dignity. In the beginning of the trailer Stark says “I have a lot of apologies to make” this is usually someone must do when you start a 12 step program to sobriety.  I think this will play a large part in the movie, whether for his addiction to alcohol or to the Iron Man suit. The trailer also shows Stark talking about the attack on New York and how it changed everything. I think this fear of Tony’s will be what drives his drinking over the edge and steels his dignity. These comic arcs greatly emphasize a personal attack by The Mandarin on Stark, stripping him of everything he holds dear. The majority of Iron Man 3 movie will revolve around this attack on Tony Stark by the Mandarin leaving him shattered, poor, and defeated.


Source: Extremis (Ironman 1-6) By Warren Elles


In another attempt to recreate the Super Soldier serum, Futurepharm corp constructs a nano-tech serum called extremis that turns it hosts into an organic cyborg. When Futurepharm discovers the serum has gone missing. Dr. Aldrich Killian commits suicide, leaving his colleagues a note that says he has loosed the extremis.  Iron Man now faces his most problematical foe yet. A man that is faster, stronger, and impervious to everything Tony Stark can throw him. After the first encounter leaves Stark on the brink of death, the Iron Man suit is destroyed. Tony must undergo a procedure that will give him the power to vanquish his enemy.


How I think it will play into Iron Man 3

The extremis serum is what gives Stark the ability to control his armor by a mere thought. No longer must he go to his suit or have it removed for him, the suit now comes to him where ever he may be. The movie trailer made it clear numerous times that Stark has developed the technology to control his armor without needing to be in it. Not to menschen that Guy Pierce’s character in the film in name Aldrich Killian. I believe that he will be the Doctor that gives Tony the extremis serum. The movies description asks the question “does the suit make the man or the man make the suit”. This arc answers that question when to suit becomes the man.


Now I know that the film will not follow these arcs to the letter but I think they will play a key role within the film itself. Reading these arcs will not spoil the movie for you. Grated this merely speculations, these comic book arcs are only suggestions so that when you are watching the film you may better understand where plot is taking you. You could also impress your friends a bit with your knowledge of comic book lore.Mallen-in-Iron-Man-ExtremisComic book Extremis: human enhanced by Nano Tech


Iron Man 3 Extremes: Human Enhanced By Nano Tech

What do you think the movie will be about? Is there any other Iron Man arcs that you feel might play a role in the film Comment Below and Follow me on twitter @pzenns

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  1. Thank so much for commenting. Yeah most comic book movies draw on the comics for inspiration. Now there is no movie that follows them to the letter its still cool to see something you have read make it to the big screen.

  2. WOW!! Thank you for this post!! I have always wondered what story arcs follow the movies. Since I am a huge DC fan I can tell you which books follow The Batman series or what books Superman will follow. However, I am not really inclined to tell you which story arcs follow for Marvel. Maybe the Avengers. I can help to notice that one of my favorite Iron books Demon in a Bottle kind of had references from the second Iron man movie. Thoughts?? In addition, I think this movie seems a little more darker so your theory on Stark battling his demon of drinking might be an issue here. Thanks again for the story. Probably my favorite I have read from you…keep them coming!

  3. First thank you for such a complement. Yeah I did notice pieces of demon in a bottle. Like at his birthday party. And its possible that demon will show up in im3 I wonder ab9ut the clip of him distroying air force 1.

  4. Seriously, when I saw that that trailer and saw air force one..shocker! I wonder if it will be the president that goes? Maybe thats what causes him to drink and loose it? Thought?? Also I noticed the clip with Happy I have a feeling they are going to let him die. Is there a book where that happens?? If so I gotta pick it up.

  5. I’m not sure what form Tonys But yes there is a comic book where happy where happy dies you can f you can find it if you read 14. Happy was attacked by taskmaster and put into a coma in issue 13 and at the end of 14 happy dies in the hospital

  6. This was super informing! I didn’t know about the Extremis, that makes the trailer for IM3 make much more sense! Putting all the bits together/making theories about them while watching the trailer is so much more exciting now!! Can’t wait to see it on the big screen and see how much stays true to form or where they take the story line. Either way I am sure it will be entertaining!!! Another great article!!

  7. Sorry sometimes I type to fast and think I wrote something when I really didn’t happy dies at the end of ironman 14. Thank you wasbi. I hope you enjoy the movie

  8. Thank you that will help out! 🙂 Wasabi, I agree I think this article was one of best I have read. I hope Paul you keep them coming and give us more like this. People a women and getting into comics sometimes you just need to know where to start and be kept informed.

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