Below is Coming to Steam!


Capybara Games has stated that they’re releasing Below on Steam as well as Xbox One.

The indie developer, which is additionally creating the upcoming Super TIME Force, showed the PC version in a new trailer for Below, that has the Steam logo. The action game was announced at E3 2013 as an apparent Xbox One exclusive, since it’s published by Microsoft. But last summer, Capy clarified that Below would see release on other platforms after an exclusive time period on Microsoft’s home console.

IGN has followed up to Capy about the PC release via Steam and if Below is still a timed exclusive on Xbox One. On Twitter, however, Nathan Vella, co-founder and president of Capy, quoted, “I am not tweeting about the rad reveal at the end of the Below trailer … but we’ll be sharing tons more info at #PAXEast2014 about it :).”

Below will be available at PAX East, and IGN will have interesting impressions of the travel-based title. Also be sure to check out the new trailer here: