Bioshock-The Movie

Like many before and we’re sure many to follow Bioshock-the movie is once again, where?  Universal Pictures acquired the video game to movie cross-over from Take Two Interactive with director Gore Verbinski, known for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and script writer John Logan. Gore had actually delayed Pirates of the Caribbean 4 to start Bioshock, but with pre-production cost estimating over $160 million the studio has opted to move the project overseas to take advantage of tax credits and favorable exchange rates thus delaying the project.  Results, Gore had to bow out as director, but will stay on as producer, due to not being able to make the move overseas because of previous commitments.  Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo of 28 Weeks Later has been asked to take over as of the end of August 2009, of course pending on Take Two’s approval.  With so many video games attempting to make the movie cross-over like, Army of Two, Halo, Mass Effect and The Sims, just a few, it seems more time and money is spent in starting and stopping projects than just going, balls-to-the-wall, rain nor sleet or can I get more money and finishing what all look to be great movies.  Now it looks like a Bioshock movie probably will not be here until Bioshock 3 game release, to coincide the two.  For me as a gamer-movie lover either make the movies or not, just stop teasing us with hat tricks, here it is, here it’s not.  

   Oh yeah by the way, you read correctly,rumoured talks and works on Bioshock 3 the game.