Bip.Bap.Bam Welcome to Firefight

Halo-3-odst-Concept_tmp001Lets follow Sgt. Johnson as he walks us through the ins and outs of ODST’s new Firefight mode. In this new video we see what Helljumpers can expect to encounter and how the really badass can test themselves and their teammates.

Flaming Grunts, too cool.

So looks like there will be at least 7 skull to collect in the upcoming title.

IRON: Respawning is disables. Be Careful!
TOUGH LUCK: Enemies always evade danger
CATCH: Enemies love to throw grenades
BLACK EYE: Melee to recharge your stamina
TILT: Enemy shields deflect bullets
FAMINE: Enemies drop low-ammo weapons
MYTHIC: Enemies have 2x health

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