Black Ops 2 Perks

Another Tweet from Trearch talking about some confirmed perks and what they do. Trearch posted up this “Below you will find the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 perks list. Black Ops 2?s perks give players extra abilities to take advantage of when setting up load-outs in multiplayer. Putting some thought into your perk choices can lead to some interesting combinations that can compliment a persons playstyle to make them a much more effective soldier, especially now that Black Ops 2 uses a 10 point – or ‘Pick 10?, as it’s called – system to create classes.”

“What are your ideal perk combinations?

Tier 1

  • Flak Jacket — Take less explosive damage.
  • Ghost — Cannot be detected by enemy UAVs while moving.
  • Blind Eye — Unaffected by AI-controlled perks.
  • Hardline — Receive bonus score points.
  • Lightweight — Move faster, take no falling damage.

Tier 2

  • Hard-wired — Immune to counter-UAV and enemy EMPs.
  • Scavenger — Replenish ammo and grenades from fallen enemies.
  • Cold-blooded — Resistance to targeting systems including Dual Band, Target Finder, Sensor Grenades and player-controlled aircraft.
  • Toughness — Reduced flinch when shot.
  • Fast Hands — Swap weapons faster, use grenades and equipment faster, and safely throw back frag grenades.

Tier 3

  • Engineer — Show enemy equipment, delay explosives and re-roll and booby trap care packages.
  • Dead Silence — Move silently.
  • Extreme Conditioning — Sprint for a longer duration.
  • Tactical Mask — Reduce the effect of flash, concussion and shock charges.
  • Awareness — Enemy movements are easier to hear.
  • Dexterity — Climb ladders and get over over objects quicker, recover from melee faster and aim faster after sprinting.”

Finally with the pick 10 system we would be able to pick more then one perk in each catagory.  I hope that this wont bite the players in the ass and promote more cheap playing in the game, because all we need is more drop shoting, quick scoping, camping mofos to play against.