Black Ops 2 Revolution Review


A week has passed since the debut of Black Ops 2’s first DLC, Revolution. This pack consists of 4 multiplayer maps: Downhill, Mirage, Grind, and Hydro. In addition to multiplayer maps was the first ever weapon DLC in Call of Duty, the Peacekeeper, a smg-assault rifle hybrid. Finally, zombies was not forgotten, as Die Rise, set in a dilapidated skyscraper, and the new mode, Turned, were added.

The four new multiplayer maps offer a wider diversity to the normal rotation. Downhill is the snowy French Alps map, with long lines of sight and flanking routes. The cable cars are ridiculous, as you will die upon touching one in motion. Snipers will be rampant, so it would be wise to stay away from the middle area.

Grind, which takes place in a small Venice Beach skate park, contains many ramps and curves, with hell set in the middle building. It is easily the best looking of the pack, color-wise. Most of the encounters are close, so expect to see a ton of shotguns or smgs. Headglitches are all over the place.

Mirage, set in the Gobi Desert, has sand flowing through the air that adds a nice touch to it’s design. There are some pretty good lines of sight and a great statue of an Asian man in the middle. For domination, the flags are spread in a triangle formation, with the A and C flags not far apart from each other at all. The poolside is pretty open, so expect campers and snipers on that side.

Hydro, where you play in a Indian hydroelectric power plant, has an interactive element that floods the lower level of the map at set increments. Like the cable carts, you’ll die by coming into contact with the water as it rushes out. There are a lot of campers here, especially on the top two bridges, which have a clear sight of the middle of the map. Except for the middle and the side that you can fall to your death, most of the gunfights will be close-quarters.

The Peacekeeper is a decent weapon to use, depending on your playstyle. It takes a lot more bullets to kill up close, compared to other smgs, and is more useful at medium range. High mobility, minimal recoil and low rate of fire make this an smg-assault hybrid. I enjoyed using it for public matches, but it doesn’t compete with the MSMC for competitive play. In my week of the Revolution playlist, more than half the people in each lobby used it!

Turned, the new game mode in zombies, allows the human to play gun game, while the zombies attempt to turn him. Once turned, you must turn the human in order to become the human. The concept is a lot easier than I’m making it out to be. The map is small enough to allow four players to play with each other, but it gets too repetitive, and fast. More elements should be added to this mode so it stays entertaining.

Die Rise, the new map for zombies, was thrilling to play, especially as a non-zombies player. Although it isn’t difficult to get lost in the skyscraper, it makes it all the more fun. This also means that it’s one of the more harder maps to play. Minions, the Sliquifier weapon, and elevator perks, including the pack-a-punch, are some newly added features. I would even go so far as to say that it’s the best zombies map for Black Ops 2 yet.

For the regular Call of Duty player, this would be a great pack to invest in, especially if you love zombies. However, the maps may or may not appeal to your liking. Grind was a great idea, and I think that Treyarch could attract more gamers if they made more maps like that, instead of the normal warfare setting. Overall, I’d say this is a standup piece of DLC to buy.