Blast Off: Review

Houston we have Blast Off. Its fun on 45 levels plus the challenge of saving your own floating spaceman and it will keep you on your toes. Its as easy as powering up the PSP, picking the difficulty level and other challenges listed. But don’t half ass it like some people i know so rank up from silver to gold or Halfbrick if you have the guts. The game looks pretty childish but it will challenge you too.BO1
So Try to keep away from planets gravitational pull and if you don’t good luck on your next try. Its good and it will kill any spare time. like the two hours on the restroom you never got back but thanks to Halfbrick studios now you can, so multitask while you sit on your toilet and play this joyful game. with that said the game will only cost you $2.99 very well worth an overall of 8 out of 10