Blood Stream Raiders Review

Blood Stream Raiders 001

Take control of a single white blood cell and travel inside veins and arteries through major organs, including the heart, lungs and liver, attempting to rid the human body of an influenza virus by firing antibodies at waves of deadly virus cells!

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While journeying though the body you will encounter cholesterol, red blood cells, platelets, bacteria, stronger mutations of the virus, as well as anti-viral, which can be collected within the bloodstream and used to unleash a stronger attack, obliterating any virus cells nearby.

Blood Stream Raiders 003

You must attempt to keep the body temperature normal by destroying as much of the virus as possible, paracetamol can also be used to lower body temperature and slow down movement within the bloodstream for a brief advantage.

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Integrating AGON online, Bloodstream Raiders allows players to compare high scores in “survival mode” with friends, local players and the best scores worldwide, as well as offering a collection awards to be earned for accomplishing various challenging game play tasks.

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BSR is an interesting twist to the classic  side scrolling shooter we’re use to being a space ship or plane in this game your a white blood cell the feel of the game stays true to the classic format. Your on the left and  enemies come  from the right and you can let anything past you  and your given the freedom to move around to grab power ups and shoot down enemies visually the game looks great amazing detail to everything from the red blood cells to mutations of the different virus now lets get to the controls.  This is where i had the most issues with they’re very sluggish, some times u responsive ( many times i tapped to shoot and it didn’t) moving your cell around the screen and aiming gets annoying at times, for some it may take some time to get use to the controls which is ok but it didn’t work for me i also felt they could of put use to the built  in accelerometer for movement in the end  i give this game a 7 out of 10 if you like classic side scrolling shooters you’ll like this game.