Blu-ray add-on for its Xbox 360


Toshiba (surprise) is  releasing its Blu-ray disc player by the end of the year, but does this mean that  Microsoft will have to follow and launch Blu-ray add-on for its Xbox 360? The support of Blu-ray disc (BD) by Toshiba means that the format is finally becoming the standard for high-definition home video. Toshiba is the last major consumer electronics maker to support BD.

Microsoft has publicly stated that high-definition video downloads and streaming  (digital distribution) is the future of video delivering to homes. With all the consumer electronics making BD players, Microsoft also needs to provide such an option to its consumer electronics video-game platform: it is clear that there will be much higher demand towards Blu-ray hardware in the coming years.

A Blu-ray Xbox 360 add-on will won’t be a big deal for Microsoft. Even when Microsoft released HD DVD add-on for Xbox 360 they implied that they could create a similar player supporting Blu-ray. for the past couple of years  rumours emerged that Microsoft did have an add-on BD drive for Xbox 360 (Microsoft later denied the rumors). Windows 7 OS also supports burning of Blu-ray discs and recognize their file structure.

So this story just wont die “will they release a Blu Ray player ” “they won’t release a Blu Ray player” either way I’ll pass on it,  i really enjoy digital distribution with something like media center i can watch anything i want anywhere in my place at 1080p with no worry of a disc, what about you? if Microsoft finally releases a BD player add-on for the 360 with you grab one?