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Boom Party, The Explosive Word Game, Released!


The action-filled iPhone word game for a not too sober evening of games – available today at the Apple store!

You’ll need the mind of a Scrabble champion but also a steady hand and nerves of steel when playing in single player mode as well as multiplayer mode (for up to 7 team mates on one mobile phone) when the mobile bomb ticks and you’ll need the right word fast.

Available today – Boom Party, the explosive word game – at the Apple app store for iPhone. The three multi-player versions Classic, Rhymes and Definitions serve as games for the entire family, learning tools for German or English lessons or as a special party game.

In “Classic Mode”, the players must take turns in discovering words that match a given letter combination; in “Rhymes” mode, using the words given, they have to make up creative poems together; and in “Definitions”, they have to excel at an action-packed, advanced version of Scattergories that includes a motion sensor and a countdown ticker. But players can prove their large vocab even in the three single player modes Classic, Anagram and Letters.

In “Classic” mode, players must find the maximum number of words for a given letter combination; in “Anagram” and “Letters” mode, they have to decipher scrambled or encoded words. A huge, integrated dictionary with more than 330,000 English words supports the creativity of the players.

Thanks to the developer Daniel Berger under the Pink Bomb Entertainment label, Boom Party will be available worldwide from 14th of July 2014 onwards and only at the Apple app store in the category Games in 3 versions:  Free, Classic and Complete.