Brawl Busters: Get glow or die tryin!


Rock Hippo has just announced a new update for their free-to-play MMORPG Brawl Busters.The Get glow or die tryin’ update will feature a new glow control, gamepad support, player limit customization and much more!

The Glow control mode  is a supernatual twist on the classic King of the Hill!  Players must capture and hold special Glow Zones that emit radioactive glowing Substances! Another new feature in this update is the gamepad support that has been added due to overwhelming popular demand! Having the Gamepad support now brings an arcade like feel to the brawls! Various gampad controllers will be supported like the Xbox Controller. Lastly is the player limit customization. Players can now limit how many players can play per match! That means you can play against friends if you don’t want to play against a hoard of random strangers.

For new players out there that are wanting to get in on this fun Brawl Busters is now gives new players a helmet to protect their precious heads. This head piece is pretty much the protection of all protections for rookies but like everything in life nothing lasts forever. The helemt expires after three days unfortunately.

For people looking to try this update or to get started you can go to