Brawl Busters the 16th Warrior!

Rock Hippo Production  announced that Brawl Busters will be releasing a new update called “The 16th Warrior”. This update raises the  player limits, brings a new map as well as introduce game play features.

In this update the players limit increases in team and versus modes to up to 16 players! The new map introduced is called Midnight Arena for one on one duels. In addition to all of this the character level cap has been raised to 40. To add onto all this awesomeness  Busters can also expect 2 new features with this update. Players don’t have to wait anymore to play with other players, instead they can jump right into the action  with brawls that are already in progress. The 2nd new feature is the new observation feature lets players take a look at their competition!

These new updates are sure to excite all the Brawlers! click here to go to their website