Bring on the Llama! Inappropriate Llama Disaster hits iPhones TODAY!


Oh, life is grim, isn’t it? The Eurozone crisis, terrible weather, the saddening popularity of dubstep.[1] Well, we can’t solve any of those issues, but Mediatonic is here to give you a distraction with a SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN 83.3% chance of making you laugh. How? With our latest experimental app, Inappropriate Llama Disaster!

Originally created in less than three hours during a Mediatonic “game jam”, the stupid llama made us all laugh. Like a child proudly brandishing a macaroni-and-glue masterpiece, we started showing it to people. Amazingly, it turns out that other people are as easily amused as we are. So we thought: nuts to it, let’s just polish it up and put it on the App Store. And we did. Isn’t the modern world amazing?

The premise is simple: Watch an entirely appropriate scene unfold. Choose the most inappropriate moment. Press a button. Bring on the llama. Get a rating. That’s it! That’s the game! Did we mention it’s FREE? …Yeah, you see why, don’t you.

If you want to find out more about the Birthing of The Llama, you can read our FUN and INTERESTING blog about it here: