Bring The Power Of Internet TV To Your Living Room


Greetings gang;

You know that if you have a PlayStation 3 Or a Xbox 360 it does much more than just play  games.

This will be the first of several tutorials for various platforms (windows, mac, linux) that will focus on how to bring some additional features to your systems *Wii owners I have some nice tricks for you also ;)  *

Lets Jump In:

Bring some free internet tv goodness to your console.

With the online stores there is now a massive amount of media but it costs. Lets explore our first alternatives shall we.

Media Mall Playon

This awesome little program gives you several perks. Netflix on your PlayStation 3 *YAY* and netflix on your 360 without the need for a gold membership *double YAY!* as well as Hulu support, amazon video on demand support, CBS website streaming and a host of other options. The catch is that you have to pay. The upside? free for 15 days. Give it a good workout, I personally own a copy and highly recommend it.

In addition the folks over at Playonplugins are busy hacking this to pieces! Add things like southpark studios and NFL channel for free! There are tons of plugins and the forums are extremley helpful even though you dont really need them!  I personally use this and a few other items as my cable replacement!

Thats all for today kids! Tune in next time for the tutorial on how to get this little peice of tech wounder running seamlessly in Linux and Mac.