Broken Steel



Fallout 3: Broken Steel DLC is about to hit Xbox Live market place and here’s some info on what to expect.
You need to finish the game to access most of Broken Steel: Unlike previous Fallout DLC expansions The Pitt and Operation Anchorage, Broken Steel is meant to mostly be experienced after you finish Fallout 3 originally the way it concluded. In the first two DLC players could access the missions from the start well as soon as left the first Vault. In Broken Steel you can’t access it until you beat the game.

Another thing that’s cool is the raised level cap from 20 to 30 well before ending the game so no matter where your at in the game if you already hit 20 half way through then you can continue to level up. Even though the main events of Broken Steel don’t kick in until you’ve passed that original ending moment of the game, the raising of the level cap kicks in as soon as a player starts a Broken Steel-supplemented Fallout 3. They’ll also see some other changes prior to reaching the events of Broken Steel. New enemies will begin appearing as soon as the player is at level 18, and that new perks and weapons will be available as well, before the post-ending Broken Steel content is accessed.

Hope you didn’t rely on autosave since Broken Steel re-writes the ending to Fallout 3, players who used autosave will start their Fallout 3 game from the begining if you have saved files (who doesn’t) you can access a save file near the end of the game and play from there. Anyone who has already finished Fallout 3, should find that their last autosave file puts them minutes before the game’s original ending, deep into what was the game’s final mission. Picking up from there will enable players to play the new non-ending and go beyond.
Any unplayed quest will still be there The Broken Steel DLC takes place two weeks past the game’s original ending. And it may change the look of some of the game’s key locations. But it won’t affect any of the game’s quests nothing is time-sensitive. Any quests that a player could have accessed before Broken Steel will still be available during the events of Broken Steel.

Broken Steel will be available to download for PC and Xbox 360 Fallout 3 owners on May 5 for 800 Microsoft Points.