Campaign The Game is out! The first Advertising Agency game ever!


Campaign The Game, The First Advertising Agency Game Ever, Is Released Today For iOS.

Available now on the App Store, Campaign The Game is a creative simulator of the spontaneous life of an advertising agency.

– Insolita Studios and Thomas Egas announce today the release of the original title. It is now available on the App Store.

Have fun playing advertising creative genius and let your imagination free to invent the most creative advertising campaigns and bring the top brands in the world to your agency.

Get creative and make advertising history by leading a dynamic and spontaneous ad agency from the 80s to the 00s, all the way to the top! Work with pop and advertising superstars, win festivals and throw parties on your way to success. All that while dealing with loveable and smart (yeah, right) clients that just want you for your numbers! Unite your left and right brain in a glorious explosion of screen touching magic, or in other words: get creative and win the game!

In this humorous game you take control of the client’s briefings, create campaigns, plan medias, improvise to the tune of agency surprises, deal with clients, work with superstars, attend festivals and parties to make your agency the best rated in the world and leave your name in the global Hall of Fame.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for screenshots), contact Thomas Egas.

Thomas Egas is a creative producer from Sao Paulo, Insolita Studios is a game studio based in Sao Paulo. Campaign is the fruit of a creative partnership between them to create and develop an original title.