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Yugioh Card of the Week

What’s up every one today I’m gonna start up my card of the week again. The cards I look for have lots of potential in any deck and can offer a lot of help to duelist, beginning or advance. The card that I have chosen is from the new yugioh set Judgment of the Light and its non other Star Eater.

Konami wanted to bring back synchros in this new set, as they were dying out mostly because of the awesomeness of the Xyz monsters. So they added a lot of good synchros in this set to compete up against those pesky Xyz monsters. The main one of this set is Star Eater. Star Eater is a massive 11 star monster which means you need to have a good plan to bring out this big guy. With a decent attack of 3200 and a good. defense of 2800 he is gonna give a lot of cards a run for their money. Now what makes this card special is his effect. As it enters the field its summon cannot be negated and when it is synchro summoned no effects or cards can be activated either. That means that your monster is safe and whatever you opponent was going to try and pull on you will have to wait some other time. Now the rest of his effect is just as good as the summon. When this card attacks it is unaffected by other cards effects until the end of the damage step. So that means nothing can destroy it when it attacks although mirror force can still be activated, Star Eater will not be destroyed since he is unaffected by this cards card effect. Since the ban of Heavy Storm we are going to see a lot of back row cards and most would be traps but this card allows you to tiptoe through them giving you a decent advantage. But you still need to be careful though although he can’t be affected when he attacks doesn’t mean his opponent can’t activate something on his own monster instead.

Star Eater is a fantastic card, one of the only cards to come in four different rarities in a set but that’s not what makes it great. With his decent stats and great effect he is going to be a massive powerhouse in upcoming duels to come if you know how to unlock his potential.