Carlos Santana to appear in GUITAR HERO 5


Carlos Santana is set to appear as an exclusive in-game artist in
the upcoming Guitar Hero 5. Santana’s accomplishments span
four decades and more than 40 albums including the self-titled
album, Santana, that launched one of the most  recognizable
Latin-infused classic rock anthems, “No One to depend
on.” The live version of the song will be featured in Guitar Hero 5
with Carlos Santana jamming on stage as a playable character.

In addition to music from Santana, Guitar Hero 5 features a wide
variety of today’s hottest rock ‘n’ roll bands mixed with classic
tracks.  Brand new game features let fans tailor their experience to
meet the evolving ways consumers are interacting with their favorite
music and allows them to challenge themselves as a solo act or band
member, or kick back with friends and enjoy their personalized set

“We’re thrilled to showcase one of the top guitarists of all time in
Guitar Hero 5 and offer fans the opportunity to experience Carlos
Santana’s signature sounds and iconic likeness first-hand,” said Tim
Riley, Vice President of Music Affairs for Guitar Hero. “His
accomplished career and breadth of musical style are a great
illustration of the variety of rock experiences we have included in
the game and we are excited to announce him as the first of five
playable in-game artists.”

This September, living room legends will rock any way they want in
Guitar Hero 5. The entire set list is at players’ finger tips from
the start, featuring genre-defining hits from some of the biggest
rock artists and bands of all time, including The Rolling Stones,
the White Stripes, Kings of Leon, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Vampire
Weekend. Players take complete control as Guitar Hero 5allows gamers
to personalize and customize how they experience music by being able
to play with any controller combination — multiple vocalists,
guitarists, bassists and drummers, in any game mode. With the game’s
all-new Party Play Mode, getting the band back together has never
been easier. Players can now jump in or drop out of gameplay
seamlessly, without interrupting their jam session. Elevating the
Guitar Hero® series to new heights with unmatched social gameplay,
an enhanced style, new in-game artists and more rock legends, Guitar
Hero 5 features new surprises and challenges that will fire-up long-
time fret board fanatics and create a new generation of addicts.