Carmageddon for Android Popping Out Friday May 10th!!


We can hear Bleak City residents panicking  already! As promised, as a token of Stainless  Games’ appreciation for the community’s  continued support and enthusiasm, an exclusive PROMO edition of the Carmageddon will be available for FREE for the first 24 hours on Google Play (this is the FULL game for free!), on May 10, 2013.

You can check out the  gameplay trailer here:

Visit Stainless  Games’ Apps section for more information about what the game will offer  players. If your memory is  like a sieve and you have already forgotten what you are reading you may want to  be notified by email when the 24HR PROMO is available – so sign up on before the 10th May! By doing so, you  also have a chance to win some freebies! (If you are already signed up then you  are automatically entered!). Stainless  Games will pick some names out at random, and the winner  will receive the t-shirt of their choice from their cool collection in the  Carmageddon store. 3 lucky runners-up will get a free copy of Carmageddon on  GOG!

Carmageddon is the original  free-form driving sensation, where pedestrians (and cows!) equal points, and your  opponents are a bunch of crazies in a twisted mix of automotive killing  machines. The game features anarchic drive-wherever-you-like gameplay and  over-the-top surreal comedy violence. It’s the racing game where racing is for  wimps. Now the same Mac & PC classic that was BANNED AROUND THE WORLD is  back and available on Android phones and tablets! Carmageddon features real-world environments that have been turned into  killing fields, where the locals stay out on the streets at their peril. As well  as using your car as a weapon, every level is sprinkled generously with  power-ups that have a vast variety of mad effects, adding a whole extra level of  craziness to the proceedings. In every event you have the option to “play it  your way”… Waste all your opponents, kill every pedestrian, or (perish the thought) complete all the laps. Oh and watch out – the cops in their super-tough  armored patrol vehicles are lurking, and if they catch you being bad they’ll be  down on you like several tons of cold pork!


  • 28 dangerously deranged Opponents
  • 11 wildly exhilarating Environments
  • Career Mode featuring 36 satisfyingly violent Levels
  • Race and Wreck opponents to unlock 30 playable cars!
  • Multiple control methods: digital, analogue (mix ‘n’ match), tilt
  • Edit your control layout in game to your preferences
  • Comprehensive Action Replay System
  • Environment maps and other special effects
  • Enhanced pre-lit environments
  • Buckets of gibs
  • Tons of laughs
  • High resolution and widescreen device support
  • Supports phones and tablets

Plus the opportunity to make in app purchases to unlock ALL the cars (apart from the secret one) and ALL the races!

Carmageddon  requires Android 2.3.4 or later.