Carrier Command: Gaea Mission announced for September release

Independent Publisher Mastertronic has announced that they have gotten the rights to publish Czech developer Bohemia Interactive’s newest game Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. This game will be available on the Xbox 360 and windows PC on September 28th of this year!

Carrier Command:Gaea Mission is an action game with strategic elements set in a detailed archipelago. Players have control of a huge, futuristic carrier that sails around stunning islands that are full of resources. This means of course that they are guarded with hostile forces.  Players must use brain and brawn to take over the Islands.

The game’s core principles are based on the 1988 classic Carrier Command. It combined real-time strategy and Direct controls. Now it’s making a return!

The campaign mode lets players get a sense of the individual missions that involve first-person firefights as well as land, sea and air battles that is all wrapped up in a heart-pumping  narrative based on the second book  from the Gaea universe trilogy! Also this game has a free-roaming strategy mode that offers an infinite amount of game play. Players can define their preferences, win conditions, starting bases and generally make a level all their own that can last for hours on end.

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Here are some screen shots and a trailer that was released at E3 of this year! Are you excited for this game?