CASE: Animatronics Review

CASE: Animatronics is a horror survival game about a night watch security guard at a police station who runs into some weird and crazy thinks dealing with Animatronics. The story really doesn’t go deep given that it’s all about the gameplay. The voice acting is acceptable but could be a lot better and the graphics are good even on low settings. As for controls its very simple.

If anyone has played Five Nights at Freddy’s they are familiar with the camera system except this time you can walk around and hide in closets with the tablet that controls all the cameras. Personally I think this is what FNAF should of been. Way more control and creative on what the player can do.

Objective of the game is to hide and outsmart the animatronic to get to your objective by hiding in closets, peaking corners, finding where the animatronic is with the cameras and smart planning. I really liked the game for what it is now but I know it could be better and with a couple of updates every now and then it could be an even more fun horror game.

I’d love if they added peaking corners with just the basic Q for left and E for right and just some other fun little things but nothing that changes the gameplay too much. It is a really fun game and I would love to see this more on youtube and see how people react to it.

I’m giving CASE: Animatronics a 6/10 score. The gameplay is solid and this game had me jumping but as I said I know it could be better. But this game isn’t an early access which makes me think they are done adding things and I hope that isn’t the case. You can purchase CASE: Animatronics on Steam for just $9.99. Thanks for reading and as always Dont get salty!