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Casio Green Slim Projector XJ-A230 review

My friends at Casio and Coyne sent me the new Casio Green Slim Projector XJ-A230 mercury free projector and let me tell you it is an amazing machine I’ve used a lot of projectors in my time and this by far has to be one of the best I’ve ever used.

The Green Slim incorporates a CASIO developed and a patent pending Hybrid Light Source which combines Laser and LED technology for amazing high brightness and can last up to 20,000 hours. The Green Slim is an earth-friendly, low maintenance, 5 pound projector with features such as a 2X Power Zoom Lens making it a great portable projector.

The Green Slim Projector eliminates the need for a short life (3000 hours typical) mercury lamp and is economical to operate.
Casio XJ-A230 DLP Projector Specifications

General Aspect Ratio 16:10 (Native) 4:3, 16:9
Brightness (ANSI Lumens) 2000 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio 1800:1
Display Type 0.65″ DMD DLP
Resolution (Native / Max) WXGA (1280 x 800)
UXGA (1600 x 1200)
Video Compatibility NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, PAL 60, SECAM, NTSC
Number of Colors 16.7 Million Colors
Size Dimensions (WxHxD) 8.3in. x 1.7in. x 11.7in.
(21.08cm x 4.32cm x 29.72cm)
Weight 5.1 lbs. (2.31 kg)
Connectivity Inputs 1 x RGB D-Sub 15pin
1 x HDMI
1 x Composite
1 x Stereo Mini Jack
Outputs 1 x Stereo Mini Jack
Audio 1 x 1W Mono Speaker
Control 1 x RS-232C
Operation Power Supply 100 ~ 120 / 220 ~ 240 V / 50 ~ 60 Hz
Power Consumption 270W (Normal)
190W (Eco Mode: Level 1)
130W (Eco Mode: Level 2)
Audible Noise 35 dB (Eco Mode: Level 1)
29 dB (Eco Mode: Level 2)
Projection Lens Lamp Type Laser LED Hybrid
Lamp Life 20000 hrs
Projection Distance 2.8ft. ~ ft. (0.85m ~ 0m)
Projection Mode Front, Rear, Ceiling
Projection Screen Size (Diagonal) 18in. ~ 300in. (45.72cm ~ 762cm)
Throw Ratio 1.15 ~ 2.3:1

I’ve tried the projector on my Xbox 360 and PC pushing it to see what kind of image I can get from it and to my surprise I was getting full 1080p output which blew me away coming from such a small projector, in the video below I put together a string of clips showing off a few games and movies I’ve tried on the projector.

*please excuse the video quality youtube decided to kill the videos clarity in my upload, after 6 attempts i gave up*

Let me start off be saying the picture quality is jaw dropping gorgeous (literally my friends jaw dropped when I showed him Avatar in 1080p on this projector). Everything I played or watch was in stunning HD clarity which in my opinion is better than most HD LCD/plasma sets out there.

And to top it off not only does the Casio Green Slim Projector pump out amazing HD video but believe it or not but this little guy has some built in speakers! Now there not the best speakers in the world nor should you expect 5.1 surround sound but they get the job done, I use my gaming headsets anyways  so the lack of speaker quality doesn’t bother me this a projector not a home theater systems after all.

The project its self comes in a cool small black travel case that holds the RGB, VGA, power cables and the control all of which come with the projector in the box. Again with the projector being less than 6lbs it can easily go with you anywhere. And with its small size it fits in most bags, it easily fit into my backpack with my laptop and other gear which was great for me because my backpack is not one on those monster camping back packs it’s pretty small and I’m usually limited with what I can store in it so the fact that the projector in its travel case fit I was blown away.

If you’re in the market for a projector or even a new HD display I would defiantly recommend picking up this projector it gives you a stunning HD picture that can be expanded to at least 80” which is the max that I tested, you can probably push it to much larger size. Even at that size the picture was still impressive and clear of course you would need to tweak the focusing but that no big deal.

Casio’s Green Slim Projector is priced at around $900 which is way cheaper than most low end 40” LCDs or Plasmas and you’re stuck with the screen’s size I personally love the option to watch a movie on a 40” inch screen then double it to 80” to play a game in under a minute. Or pack it up and take it with you to a friend or family member’s house to enjoy a game or movie. I’ve been currently been taking it with me everywhere and everyone’s been very impressed, I highly recommend this projector to everyone it is a great machine that won’t disappoint.

I give the Casio Green Slim Projector an 10 out of 10 for superior picture quality for both gaming and movie watching, it’s so small and light you can take it anywhere, and it has a great price tag, unless your reading this review on your Casio Green Slim Projector you need to go buy one.

Here’s a link to Casio’s Virtual Room