Castle Miner Z now on PC!


DigitalDNA Games, makers of the hit CastleMiner Z, are now offering their platinum best seller for PC users.  You can now get the survival horror game now by just downloading directly from their site at:

Creator Tom Steinke says,” It’s a way to reach an even broader fan base which hasn’t been tapped into until now. Fans all over the world have been talking about how they want to play CastleMiner Z but weren’t able to because of various restrictions.  We have listened to our fans and are now offering the game to PC users.”

DigitalDNA Games is still offering a free trial experience if you don’t want to buy it just yet, yet it is guaranteed as “a game you’re going to want” as one of the perks to an online game is logging in through Facebook so that your friends can join you in slaying through the zombie hoard!

DigitalDNA Games is offering specials on the game which range from pay to free but you won’t know that unless you follow them on Facebook.  Regardless of the price, the game is just as great on PC as it is on the Xbox and you will want to get your copy as soon as you can!