Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 for the PC!

Konami Digital Entertainment announced that they will be releasing the Windows PC version of their game Castlevania: Lord of Shadow 2 along side the Playstation®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360 system versions. The PC version is being developed by Madrid-badsed Mercury Steam. The new game  features an all new storyline, a larger line-up of characters, huge open world environments and stunning visuals.

The 1st Castlevania:Lord of Shadows detailed the origin of Dracula and his connection with Belmonts. This 2nd part is the finale to the Lord of Shadows saga. Dracula returns weak and wants to be released from his immortal bonds. He is now faced with a new and powerful threat that he must conquer.

The game is set to release next year and will be released on PlayStation ® 3, Xbox 360 ® and now on the Windows PC! to find out more just go to! Take a look at the trailer that was released earlier this year at E3!