Catch GAMEVIL’s New Social Sports Game, Fishing Superstars


Leading mobile games publisher and developer, GAMEVIL announced the release of their game, Fishing Superstars to the Google Play today. Fishing Superstars is a title that sets off GAMEVIL’s summer line up of their internally developed games. Fishing Superstars takes a spin on traditional sports games by incorporating a social aspect through an online server along with Facebook and Twitter integration.

In Fishing Superstars, users select an avatar fisher and delve into the world of competitive fishing. Mimicking the actual movements one would make while casting a line in real life, users flick their phones forward and flick backwards once a fish has caught the bait. With sensitive controls and a responsive mechanism that vibrates as players reel in the fish, Fishing Superstars is able to immerse the player in the sport through mobile technology. Players level up and gain coins through various tasks in Quest Mode. They can also brag their day’s catch through various social media channels as well as the Hall of Fame page. The fish are ranked based on difficulty of catch and rarity. They can be sold or kept in the player’s aquarium to feed and level up. Players can also customize their avatars and their fishing techniques in the Item Shop from purchases such as sunglasses to fishing rods to the type of bait. Fishing locations are unlocked as a player reaches as certain level and are endless, as the game will be serviced with updates. Combined with a light-hearted tune and crisp graphics, Fishing Superstars makes its way to GAMEVIL’s summer line up.

“We are excited to introduce Fishing Superstars to the Google Play because I feel it fits the best of two worlds- a sports game that is fun with a social aspect that makes it competitive,” stated Kyu C. Lee VP and Head of GAMEVIL USA, INC. “Fishing Superstars will also be one of the first titles GAMEVIL will run as a service in the global market.”

Fishing Superstar is available for Android devices at

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