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First official look at Aquaman for Batman v. Superman Movie

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 8.37.10 AM

Director Zach Snyder seems to want to accomplish in breaking the internet for DC comics fans and movie enthusiast alike. He took to twitter, something he is very known for, to reveal the official first look of actor Jason Momoa in his full Aquaman outfit for the upcoming and highly anticipated movie, Batman v. Superman Dawn Of Justice. In my personal opinion I think this take on the King of the Sea is fantastic. They are definitely keeping the “darker” motif Snyder established  ever since he directed Man Of Steel. Batman V. Superman is set for release on March 25th, 2016. Take a look at the picture of this awesome looking Aquaman and tell me our thoughts on it in the comment box below. Enjoy.


The Joker is coming to Gotham TV series.


Spider-Man Is Finally Coming Home!!!!


Mortal Kombat X: Next Trailer

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios released the latest video for Mortal Kombat X, which gives fans an overview of the numerous features that they can experience in the upcoming game.  Additionally, viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at Faction Wars as NetherRealm Studios team members discuss details of how this feature will connect Mortal Kombat X players around the world.

Mortal Kombat X will be released worldwide on April 14, 2015 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.



The Original Binding of Isaac Is Getting New DLC


If you’re a fan of Binding of Isaac then you’ll like this new that new DLC will be made. The DLC is being developed by co-creator and programmer Florian Himsl. This is really cool since the original is still fun, even after BOI: Rebirth is out. Many fans, including me will be looking for this. But sadly this is all the news out right now. From what I’ve read the game itself will be getting harder, and hopefully more enemies.


Marvel’s DareDevil TV series first trailer revealed

Today Marvel Studios and Netflix have revealed the first official trailer for their upcoming series, DareDevil. The series stars actor Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock / Daredevil. It is the first in a series of shows that will lead up to a Defenders crossover miniseries, and is produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios, with Steven S. DeKnight serving as showrunner, and Drew Goddard acting as consultant for the 13 episode show as well. Here is t he official premise of the show:


Pokemon Primal Clash

Ancient rivals awaken in the Pokémon TCG: XY—Primal Clash expansion! After centuries asleep, the deep power of Primal Groudon-EX erupts from the land as Primal Kyogre-EX crashes in from the sea, riding titanic waves into battle! With colossal new arrivals like Mega Gardevoir-EX and Mega Aggron-EX, the XY—Primal Clash expansion is alive with the primordial power of Ancient Traits—plus all-new Spirit Link and Special Energy cards. Let the earth shake and the oceans thunder, and get ready for a primal clash like no other!

Features of XY—Primal Clash:

•Primal Reversion makes its TCG debut with Primal Kyogre-EX and Primal Groudon-EX




Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 Trailer.

Welcome back to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, Fans of the game are enjoying this teaser trailer. The second game was released two months ago. The developer is Scott Cawthon, the teaser comes right from his Youtube channel. Not much is really seen about the game in the video. But none the less the video has made me excited, this installment even has a new animatronic at the end it is shown. Everyone enjoy.


World Of Warcraft Player Maxed 100 Characters


If you’ve been playing recently you may have gotten your character to level 100, or maybe two characters. Well a player names Watola has gotten 100 characters to level 100. It is on two different accounts and it took him 1,200 days.

Some may think he did this by cheating, bots, exploits or any other game breaking method. But he did it all legit. He explains how he did it in a lengthy forum post below. Even Blizzard had something to say.


Yugioh Day

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (KONAMI), the manufacturer of the multiple world record-holding Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) is pleased to announce the dates of the upcoming biannual Yu-Gi-Oh! Day; on either Saturday, January 24, 2015 or Sunday, January 25, 2015, depending on the availability of the participating Official Tournament Store (OTS) locations. Yu-Gi-Oh! Day is a day for all fans to celebrate the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand with a special tournament at Official Tournament Stores in North and Latin America.


The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited will have No Game Subscription Required for Console, PC

Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company, today announced that its long awaited, award-winning multiplayer roleplaying game, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, will release worldwide on June 9, 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For the first time in history, players will explore the legendary world of Tamriel with their friends on console. In the latest and biggest Elder Scrolls game ever made, players will be able to adventure alone, quest with friends, or join an army of hundreds in epic player vs. player battles as they explore and discover the secrets of a persistent Tamriel.


Hotline Miami 2 Dev Tells Australians To Pirate Game


Recently Australia has banned the game Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. We all know Australia bans a lot of games, and has the strictest rules for video games. so lead designer Jonatan Söderström had the following to say: “If it ends up not being release in Australia, just pirate it after release. No need to send us any money, just enjoy the game!” This is in a way really nice of him to say since some fans won’t be able to play. But this is the first I’ve ever seen someone tell their fans to pirate their game. “Though we have no plans to officially challenge the ruling, we stand by our developers, their creative vision for the storyline, its characters and the game and look forward to delivering Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number to fans very soon,” as said by Devolver Digital.


The Secret Forces

Konami is going stealth with the February 13th release date of The Secret Forces booster set. KONAMI’s The Secret Forces (MSRP $3.99 per pack) introduces three new tactical squads of never-before-seen monsters, prepared to compete in the toughest tournament Dueling of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME!


Twitch Now Has Royalty Free Music


Recently has added royalty free music. This is the cause of last years ban of unauthorized third-party audio from saved VOD’s. This is good news for those people that like to blast music over their speed running broadcast. Now instead of playing third-party music, you have a library of over 500 songs to play. No sandstorm is not on the list, sadly.

With this comes Twitch’s new dedicated music streams. You can find this through the Twitch Music Beta page. Many people might use this, or maybe none at all. I for one will be using this, a lot.


Grand Theft Auto V PC Delayed


It shouldn’t been a surprise to most people that Rockstar has delayed GTA V for PC. The delay is all the way till March 24th, but in a way this is good, We won’t get a glitchy possibly broken game. With other games recently releasing and them needing patches on release day. Even with this delay, good news is here. We will still be getting Grand Theft Auto Online Heist. Rockstar says that Heist will be coming in the following weeks. This is a huge step in a way, at first PC was told that it wouldn’t happen. Now we’re getting a delay to sharpen the game.



Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 7.24.16 PM

Today is an exciting day. During Marvel’s tv show premiere of Agent Carter, Marvel studios have released the first official trailer for their upcoming movie, Ant-Man. The film will star actors Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas as Scott Lang and Hank Pym respectively. It will be the twelfth installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will quickly follow right after the release of Marvel’s the Avengers age Of Ultron release in May. The Ant-Man movie is set for release on July 17th, 2015. I am so excited for this movie, I can tell from the trailer that this movie will include a little comedy due to Paul Rudd’s acting history, and that’s ok because Marvel movies have been know to include moments of comedy relief. Watch the trailer and give me your thoughts in the comment box below. Enjoy.


Riot Creating Dedicated League Of Legends


Riot is now going against battle lag. Almost everyone gets lag in the game, even the users with high speed connection.

So the Riot Games, they’re addressing the problem by working with internet service providers. They’re working to create a direct network between players and the games services.

In October, Riot acknowledged the unacceptable ping issues in NA. The problems are bad internet routing, and the physical location of the servers. In the forum they announced their intentions to fix all three problems. Riot is asking for League Of Legends players to give feedback to find out if they problem is getting better or worse.


Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC Cinematic Trailer

Today, Ubisoft announced that Assassin’s Creed® Unity – Dead Kings, the downloadable campaign that continues Arno’s story after the events of Assassin’s Creed Unity, will be available for free to all purchasers of Assassin’s Creed Unity on next-gen consoles and Windows PC on January 13, 2015.

After the events of Assassin’s Creed Unity, Arno leaves Paris for Saint Denis, a mysterious city that holds the crypts of deceased French kings. Sent on a mission to the extensive underground of the Basilica, Arno will face a faction of new foes, the Raiders, populating its catacombs. Equipped with a lantern and a new powerful weapon, the Guillotine gun, Arno will have to navigate the dangerous passageways to uncover the darkest secrets of the city.


Steam Now Has A FPS Counter


Steam now has a FPS counter. Since most of the PC gamer’s always want to know how many frames they get. To get the Steam FPS counter you must be in the Steam Client Beta. Which anyone can enter, you can enter right from the client.

To enter the client, go into the setting like the picture above and going into account. And enter it, Steam will have to restart. After Steam restarts click the box next to show in-game FPS.

This will allow users not to need to download Third-Party programs. Now everyone can see how many frames they get in games. While not having more programs installed.


2015’s 5 Most Anticipated Games


Here’s a list of the 5 most anticipated games of 2015.

Number 1: Evolve, I think me and many other are wondering how exactly this’ll play out. The release date for this game is set at February 10th.

Number 2: Mortal Kombat X, everyone has been waiting for this one to come out. The games release date is set for April 14th.

Number 3: Batman Arkham Knight, I’ve been waiting for this since I’ve played Arkham City, and the others. The games release date is set for June 2nd.


May Elder Scrolls Online Be Free To Play In 2015?


You can now no longer subscribe to The Elder Scrolls Online for more than 90 days, Bethesda has done this with no warning at all.

Most games have taken away the longer subscriptions before they make the leap to F2P. This is to avoid those who have paid for it, so they don’t get angry with the change in the game.

This might be because most people do not see the game as a good enough MMO. Deciding that they won’t pay because of the bad reviews. This might be their way of inviting more people to play their MMO. Which sometimes works out.


Join us this Friday for our Killer Instinct Tournament

Riptor_KIXO01Join us this Friday at the MS store for our Killer Instinct tournament.

Tournament will be played on Xbox 360.

Players are welcome to take their own fight sticks.

eSports rules will be used.

all matches are best of 3 finals are best of 5.

double elimination.

Sign ups start at 5:00 pm

Tournament starts at 6:00 pm

Tournaments are free to enter


Valve Is Preventing From Gifting Games On Steam To Other Countries


Valve is now preventing users from sending gift games to other countries. Valve has changed the policy to stop people from getting games for cheaper in other countries,

The countries that are included are

Asia, South America and East Europe.

Valve started the policy right before the Steam Holiday Sale, too many people were getting games for way to cheap. Hopefully people will not find a way around this. Valve couldn’t let this go on for very long. But also Apple announced that it shuttered the online store.


Possible Borderlands Remastered Edition?


The simpler times of Borderlands might be returning onto next gen. Ever want to go back to the original? but don’t have last gen? 2k might make this happen. A shined up new version.

Borderlands Remastered Edition appeared on the listing on the Australian Classification Board’s website. The name indicates that the game will be a visually boosted version of the 2009 version that kicked of the loot-shooting franchise. Though this isn’t listed on Gearbox’ website under development. Gearbox and 2k are listed as the authors, the same authors behind Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Tales From The Borderlands. This will hold us all over for a possible Borderlands 3?