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Trends To Expect In Gaming

oculus-riftWith the popularity of video games increasing every year, the same growth can be expected in terms of the content we get our hands on. In just the past few years we have seen some of the most incredible experiences yet, whether it was the immersive open world of Grand Theft Auto V or the stirring narrative told within The Last of Us. And as the devices we play these games on only continue to get better be it a console, smartphone, handheld, tablet, or PC there will be new trends to watch for in the process. Here’s a look at some of the factors sure to influence gaming in the year(s) to come.


League of Legends : Sugar Rush!!!


Grimm here to inform you Summoner’s that soon it will be your lucky day! From August 26 through September 1, League will be celebrating a Sugar rush, meaning there will be sweet sweet deals to be had. Here are the details:

  • Double IP weekend from 12am on August 29 until 11:59pm on September 1
  • The Legacy Vault will be temporarily thrown open during Sugar Rush and all 47 retired Legacy skins will be available at their regular price during the entire event, and will be 50% off for one day (details below)
  • Candy-coated Cupcake Icon – 250 RP


Nintendo Games and Lounge Impressions | San Diego Comic-Con 2014

We got to check out all of Nintendo’s upcoming titles, plus a few from their current library. The lounge was set up so both 3DS and WiiU titles were given room to shine. The room even welcomed bringing in your own 3DS to charge and play with others.

You looking forward to Nintendo’s upcoming line-up?


League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn

“Day breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises.” Along with the cinematic trailer, a dedicated mini site was put up where you could find a behind the scenes video,concept arts, and a ton of wallpapers. Could this mean the updated Summoner’s Rift is closer to release then expected? Or is a new mode being established? Either way after I clean up the mess I made of myself from watching the trailer, I needs ma League of Legends fix. See you guys in game!!!


League of Legends: Doom Bots of DOOOOM!!!

The Doom Bots of Doom are LIVE! You Heard it first from Riot’s very own “L4T3NCY”.

“After weeks of tweaks and tests, the Doom Bots of Doom have been set loose onto live! If you’re looking to test your abilities against League’s craziest challenge yet, then sign up! What’s more, play a game against the Doom Bots and you’ll earn a unique summoner icon regardless of whether you win or lose ( which might take a few days to appear). Get to it before we haul the Doom Bots back into the FGM workshop on July 27! And while you’re cathing your breath between games, tell us about your Doom Bot stories! Did you win? Did you… not win?


Final Verdict Reviews:Slappa Portable Power Bank Unit


Slappa’s Portable Power Bank dual charging unitpower  is a must have for anybody with electronic devices… so EVERYBODY! What can you really say about a power charging unit. It does its job perfect. Majority of the time i’m on my phone either texting,tweeting, or just playing music. Phones get drained pretty quickly so having this power bank really prevents me from having to look for an outlet.  The power bank unit comes equipped with 2 high efficiency USB 1A and 2.1A power outputs, so you can charge 2 devices at once. It’s compatible with Samsung Galaxy , iPods, iPhones, iPads, MP3 players, Blackberry’s, portable GPS devices and other electronic devices. The size of an iPhone and very simple to use. Plug in the usb end into the charging unit, plug the other end to your electronic device and press the button. Usually takes about 10-20 minutes to get my phone fully charged. Final Verdict: 10 out of 10. 5 stars. 2 thumbs up. ummm… umm… yeah… i’m out of things to rate this product.


League of Legends: Pentakill announced!!!


Valoran’s most famous band has risen to slay you…. with metal! A couple days ago Pentakill debuted their band with “Lightbringer” and seems as though their album “Smite and Ignite” will be a free to download album sometime this week.  You can check out their website and other songsDeathfire Grasp” and “Ohmwrecker”  by clicking anywhere here! As an added bonus, I give you… “Lightbringer”!

-Karthus -Vocals




-Yorick-Bass Guitar   





Call of Duty Championship Groups and Predictions

Call-of-Duty-ChampionshipThe Call of Duty Championship begins in 2 days. The top 31 teams, originally 32 until the team from Brazil was disqualified, from around the world will be converging on LA this weekend to compete for a $1 million prize pool.  The teams will have first compete and make it thru the group stage and then from there its on to the double elimination bracket that only 16 of the top 31 will make  it to. From this bracket only on will be crowned the Call of Duty Champion. The groups have been announced already and they are all set for this weekend.


League of Legends Pre-Release Teaser: Void Fizz Skin

Looks like Fizz just got a whole lot meaner. succumbing to the void, Fizz just got moved up to my must have list. Skin name has been confirmed, but remember some particles and or SFX may not be final.



League of Legends: Champion and skin sale: 3/07 – 3/10


Coming in hot!! Grab these champions and skins while you can, at 50% off for a limited time!


  • Jayce – 975 487 RP
  • Maokai – 880 440 RP
  • Taric – 585 292 RP

Champion Skins

  • Ninja Rammus 975 487 RP
  • Junkyard Trundle – 750 375 Rp
  • Outback Renekton – 520 260 RP



US COD Champs Regional Finals Begin Saturday.

Call-of-Duty-ChampionshipThis Saturday begin the US Regional Finals. This is the final step for these 16 teams to qualify to the Call of Duty Championship in LA at the end of the month. 8 of these 16 teams will qualify to COD Champs where they will face off agianst 24 other teams from the around the world for glory and a $1 million prize pool. The 16 teams fighting for a chance at the to go to LA are Complexity, Envy, Optic Gaming, Faze, Curse LV, Curse NY, Denial East, Deanial West (formally known as eLevate), Strictly Business, Final Boss, Team Kaliber, JusTus, Adversity, Vexx Gaming, Rise (formally known as Living The Dream), and Xfinity (formally known as TVA).  The tournament will then continue into sunday to determine who will come into COD Champs as the US Region al Champion. All games will be played on the Xbox One and can be seen exclusively on In addition to that the bracket for this weekends event has been released and some big match-ups can end up happening to qualify.


League of Legends: Patch Notes 4.3!!!


Here be Pwyff with some goodies for ya:

“Hey Summoners,Welcome back to the patch notes! This isn’t a huge update (less novel-length patch notes, YAY!), but we’re using this patch to set out the roadmap of what we’ll be hitting long-term. For example, Kassadin and Gragas are getting small nerfs this patch while we focus on their larger long term changes after they go through our lab tests.

Outside of that, we’ve got some general tune-ups for support gold items (take a look at the updated Spellthief line!) and basic items in general. Oh, and keep an eye out for a new champion! HO HO HO WHAT A FUNNY JOKE WE HAVE MADE.” Pwyff


Happy Valentine’s Day from the FBG Staff!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for all the love you’ve shown FanBoyGaming this year. We love you! 
See you all at the tourneys tonight!


MLG Call of Duty Pro Circuit Announced

mlg-pro-pax-52fd464fc06f3Today, MLG announced another online league starting on Feb. 17. 10 of the top Call of Duty Pro teams will compete in a six week long league where the top 6 teams will go to PAX East to compete at the Turtle Beach booth in a live playoff on April 11th – 13th  for $15,000 prize pool, $7,000 for first place. The teams that are set to compete in this league are Optic Gaming, Complexity, Team Kaliber, Curse LV, Envy, Faze, Strictly Business, JusTus, Curse NY and Curse Youth. Each weekday will include 6 matches from the league and 12 matches in the weekends, with each team having a total of 36 matches overall. All matches will be streamed exclusively on just like last time including the playoff at PAX East. All action starts Monday Feb. 17 3pm PST/ 7pm EST on


8 More Teams Qualify For Call of Duty Championship Regionals

ghostschampYesterday was the last day for the online qualifiers for the US Region. 500 more teams competed for 8 more spots for the Regional Finals for the Call of Duty Championship. In the end many good teams came out but again it wasn’t until round 5 and 6 when things got interesting. In the end the teams the qualified were Denial, Curse NY, TVA Clan, Elevate, Sigma, Adversity, Final Boss and Living the Dream. These teams will join the other 8 teams that came out of last weeks qualifiers at the Regional Finals that will be held in March 9th at Full Sail University in Florida. Until then all these teams have a whole month to practice and prepare for this final step that leads to COD Champs.


MLG Winter InvitationalRecap

winter invitationalAfter 2 long weeks of playing the MLG Winter Invitational ended today. This online tournament involved eight, well nine, of the top Call of Duty teams in the US region. The teams included Optic Gaming, Faze, Strictly Business, Team Kaliber, Envy, Curse LV, Curse NY and Complexity. After a rocky start because of some in game issues the tournament started to follow and play well. After a few days though, Complexity withdrew from the tournament and they were replaced by Denial. The tournament was pretty one sided sense at one point Curse LV was 10-0 in the standings.


Sledgehammer Games Developing New Call of Duty

Sledgehammer_gameslogoIt has been confirmed this afternoon, after much speculation and debate, that Sledgehammer Games is Developing the next Call of Duty title for this year. After and investor meeting the news was made public and then confirmed by Sledgehammer and by Activison themselves. This also introduced a brand new  three year development plan for all following COD games. Meaning that the next Treyarch game will not come until 2015.  More info for the next game will hopefully come soon so we can get a glimpse of what the game will look like.


League of Legends : New free champion rotation week 3!!!


Summoners!!! Grimm here to offer up a bit of intelligence. Free champion rotation week 3 goes down tomorrow! That will be your chance to try out some fun champions and experience a whole new style of game. See you in the Fields of Justice!!! 


UMG Niagra Announced


UGCNiagara280x340-83Today in the afternoon, UMG announced where their next big LAN event will be held. The event will be in Niagara Falls on May 2nd – 4th. We also found out that it will be held on the Xbox 360 and that it will be $20,000 prize pool. This event will be held in Canada which means if you want to participate or spectate then get your passports ready. Spectator and Team passes will go on sale later today and the games that will be played will be Call of Duty Ghost and NHL 14.


8 Teams Qualify For The Call of Duty Championship

ghostschampThis first of the Online Qualifiers for the Call of Duty Championships ended yesterday night. Out of the 517 teams that signed up to participate in the qualifier only advanced to the Regionals that will be held in Full Sail University in Florida in March 8th-9th. There weren’t any upsets in this qualifier or problems with DDOSing although Optic did come close to being knocked out in Round 3. In the end most people pretty much knew who would be advancing from this one even though the Round 7 matches were all close. In the end Optic Gaming, Envy, Complexity, Curse Las Vegas, Team Kaliber, JusTus, Faze and Strictly Business were the 8 teams to advance from this qualifier. The next online qualifier for the NA region will be on Feb. 8th and 8 teams from there will also advance to Regionals. In the end the top teams in Call of Duty advanced yesterday and will see who will join them next week.


The Call of Duty NA Qualifiers Begin Today

ghostschampToday is the day many teams have been looking forward to. Today start the Online Preliminary Qualifiers for the Call of Duty Championships for the North American Region. 8 teams out of today’s tournament will advance to the Regional Finals in Florida. Many teams have been grinding their butts off just to prepare for this even.  From what I’ve heard there are between 100-150 teams competing in today’s Online Qualifier so this is gonna be a long day. All the actions starts today at 9am PST/ 12pm EST and most matches can be seen on Brackets for the tournament can be seen here. Good luck to all the teams today and everyone have fun watching these matches.


League of Legends: Champion and Skin Sale 1/31- 02/03


Back from the dead, Grimm here to offer up a bit of League of Legends news! Today until Monday you can purchase a couple of champions and skins at a reduced price! They go as followed:


  • Varus487 Riot Points
  • Skarner440 Riot Points
  • Amumu292 Riot Points

Champion Skins

  • Deep Terror Thresh487 Riot Points
  • PentaKill Karthus375 Riot Points
  •  Recon Teemo260 Riot Points

That’s all the info Grimm is allowed to share for now, so until we meet again. 


Call of Duty Pro Rosters Locked

ghostschampAfter much craziness and many, many roster changes it looks like finally the rosters for the US Pro Call of Duty teams are set. With the first of the online preliminaries for the Call of Duty Championship coming up, I would assume not many more changes will occur but you never know. Although according to the rules posted on the MLG website, once you start the competition the roster you start with is the roster you will use throughout the whole thing, including preliminaries and regionals and of  the actual championship.  So lets break down how rosters are for some of the big COD teams in the US region.


Call of Duty Championship 2014 Announced

ghostschampThe $1 million prize pool tournament is back!!!! Today in the morning, the Call of Duty Championship for this year were finally announced. After much speculation of when, where and if there actually was going to be on this year to day it was confirmed. Thru a video on the Call of Duty Youtube, which can be found here, the championship was announced. They will be held in Los Angeles, California on March 28th-30th.


UMG Philadelphia Recap

UMG Philly LogoUMG Philadelphia has passed and what an event it was. So many of the matches were and there were so many upsets and surprises this past weekend. I had never seen so many matches go to the last game of SnD and also go to the round 11. With such a great event, let’s try to break down what happened this past weekend.