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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number New Trailer

Devolver Digital has released a new bloody trailer for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number that includes gameplay, new characters and weapons.

Hotline Miami 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in Q3 2014.


inFamous: Second Son Gameplay Trailer

A three-minute gameplay video of inFamous: Second Son has surfaced on a russian YouTube channel, showcasing Delsin’s neon powers in the city during the night. It goes without saying that the powers bring out the color in the game.

inFamous: Second Son releases March 21 on PS4.


“Sonic Boom” Tv Show & Video Game Reveal

Today Sega Has Announced what they call as a “new branch of the Sonic universe”, the show will be produced by OuiDO! Productions and Sega of America. It will air on Cartoonetwork and will consist of 52 episodes running 11 minutes. The story will take place after the Video Game under the same name which released a new trailer.

The video Game under the same name will be exclusively released on the WIIU and 3DS,  it is being developed by Big Red Button Entertainment a new company ran by two people who use to work at Naughty Dog.  Here is a list of what the game will be about and what you can do:


My Top 10 Games!

This list will be a good insight for people who aren’t so familiar with RPG / Platform games to get a sense of what the games entail and it might encourage them to try the games.


RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest etc,are just a few titles which have made the genre so popular. If you compare the classics to the newer games, the classic titles didn’t have excellent graphics but more than likely a better storyline and nowadays newer games focus quite heavily on graphics.


Right, time to crack on with the list.


Radiohead DLC is Now Available for Rocksmith 2014

Ubisoft has added five new Radiohead songs to Rocksmith 2014‘s track list on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

The Radiohead pack is now available and includes ”Creep,” “Just,” “Optimistic,” “Karma Police,” and “My Iron Lung.” You can purchase the entire pack for $11.99 or just individual tracks for $2.99 each.


Mega Man X in Deadrising 3?



Capcom studios have revealed that players can unlock the Mega Man X outfit in Deadrising 3 for protagonist Nick Ramos once they beat the game. The outfit wont be complete, of course, without the iconic X-Buster which needs to be unlocked in the Nightmare mode which ,by how developers have explained, its quite difficult. Check out the look and video gameplay of the Mega Man X suit in action down below. Enjoy.


League of Legends: Preseason Breakdown

Come check out what to expect in the upcoming preseason changes. Support,Jungle and summoner’s rift are all getting some love with some slight changes. You can expect the preseason to start going live in the next couple of days. See you in the Fields of Justice!!!


Take a first look at Need for Speed Rivals on Xbox One.

Available on Xbox One starting on Nov. 22nd 2013.




Thought this would be something you guys in America would be interested in. The UK Streetpass.  More information can be found here:


Themes are used for each event, they are based upon one specific game such as: Pokemon or Animal Crossing and people all come together in one place and play the game against each other and meet some new faces.


Today we had a Pokemon X and Y event, what could be better Pokemon in 3D- I’d say that’s pretty awesome!! We tend to meet in the same bar for every event- this bar in particular is one of my favourite places to go since it is movie themed, a really cool atmosphere! the burgers are also pretty tasty :)




Classic Gaming

Simply the Best!

This is Dorit-Samantha Vaknine here; I am dedicating this article to my love of Classic Gaming. My favorite Classic gaming console is the Game Boy.


The first original Game Boy console came out in 1989; it was a new revelation to have a console that was handheld and you could carry it in your bag, anytime anywhere! The most popular games of that era were the one and only Super Mario Bros: Land and Golden Coins (2 great retro games!).


Marvel Avengers Alliance launches Infinity Spec Ops


“From deepest space, Thanos the Mad Titan has returned, and he has brought with him the fiercest warriors in the galaxy: The Black Order. As always, his goal is death, but a darker motive underlies it. Why is Thanos here? And why is he after Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans?”

Over the weekend, Playdom launched a new Special Operations for Marvel Avengers Alliance. It is named after and inspired from the currently running major story event Infinity. As such, it contains spoilers of characters and plot-lines that are still being introduced.


Adventures of Skyrim: Episode 1 A New Journey Begins Khrutz is Born!

A completely new play through of Skyrim featuring nearly 100 mods for the ultimate new experience. Our new hero Khrutz is a simple Orc starting off in his Orc stronghold home, but he has always dreamed of leaving and taking on Skyrim with all of its glory and horrors. What lies ahead for Khrutz as he dreams of wealth and fame? Make sure to keep up with the adventures both here or on my YouTube page. If you are interested in seeing which mods I am currently using I will have another article up listing all of them and some other ones that I think you guys should check out on the Steam Community Page for Skyrim.


First Look at Star Conflict w/ Khrutz

We take a quick look at Star Conflict an awesome space combat simulator MMO. Make sure to follow my YouTube channel for daily video content! Get the game here!





Infinite Crisis: Coast City Construct Trailer

Right now the website is having a “founders” buy-in for early beta access, so if you can’t wait for it to come out, head over and get yourself a copy!


Nintendo Direct 8.7.13

Today’s Nintendo Direct showcases Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, Rayman Legends, Professor Layton, and some screenshots of the new Smash Bros. Also, awesome new information for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Animal Crossing. You can watch it all above!


Injustice: Gods Among Us new character reveal trailer Zatanna


“Batman: Arkham Orgins” Copperhead Reveal

During the Batman Arkham Origins Comic Con Panel they revealed a new assassin that will hunt the bat on christmas eve. Copperhead which originally  the illian was a male in the game it was gendered swapped now Copperhead is a female in the game. Seems like she will be one tough one to fight.

What do you guys think about Copperhead being a female?

The game is set to release October 12.


FireFall Open Beta Stream!


Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video


A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: Deadpool Achievement Junkie


The new Deadpool game has a lot of people taking. This action hack and slash third person shooter video game is based on marvels comic character Deadpool and was developed by High Moon Studios. High Moon Studios did an amazing job with this game and finally brought to life the Deadpool character that everyone wanted to see! This is because Deadpool frequently breaks the forth wall and verbally interacts with the player based on their skills and progress. In addition, he also uses his words quite well within this game including his crazy antics. However, what make’s this game worth all the fun is the many different gag achievements you can add to your xbox gamer score!  Here are two achievements that you shouldn’t miss out on when playing the new Deadpool game!


Gaijin Games Launches “CommanderVideo”


Gaijin Games just launched a free-to-play endless runner! It’s called CommanderVideo, and it’s now available in your favorite browser.

The mechanics are similar to previous Runner games, with players jumping, kicking, sliding, blocking and otherwise avoiding obstacles as they try to run as far as possible. As well as a rad retro soundtrack with all the beeps and blorps the kids love so much.

You can also unlock characters, get a good spot in the leaderboards and share it with your friends. Oh yeah! the game can be found at .


Tera Rising: Corsairs’ Stronghold Trailer

Tera is getting a nice addition to its’ game play tomorrow with the release of the Corsairs’ Stronghold, adding some much needed pvp content to the game. The add on will pit level 30+ characters in a 20v20 siege battleground, making use of cannons and airships to allow players to live the pirate life and pillage and plunder the enemy team into oblivion.


24 Hour Rift Live Stream

Watch live video from khrutz760 on www.twitch.tvLeveling while jamming out to some good tunes and answering your questions


Deadpool: The Greatest Game of ALL TIME!

So High Moon’s Deadpool is now out and I decided to take a risk and purchase it on steam before having the chance to play it or watch any kind of gameplay, and let me tell you guys it is the best game I have EVER PLAYED. High Moon has knocked the characters personality clear out of the park as he is constantly breaking the 4th law and making me lose my concentration during every cut scene. I will be streaming the game completely through along with the eventually Insane difficulty and trying to achieve all of the achievements. Hope you enjoyed me slapping the crap out of Wolverine and I will make sure to upload some more videos soon.


First Look for World of Warplanes Closed Beta

I walk you through the first look at World of Warplanes Closed Beta and give you some of my noob flying skills, I am planning on picking this game and World of Tanks up professionally, so makes sure to check back for more content.