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Breakers of Shadow Review

Hows it going fellow duelist, Patrick here with another Yugioh review. Thanks to my friend in Konami I was able to review one of the biggest packs to come out in a while, Breakers of Shadow. Konami has decided to include a holo in every pack and what a great set to do it on. This set brought support for older decks like superheavy samurais, performapal/performages, and even black wings. They had also introduced new arc types like the dinomist, which are mechanical dinosaurs, and the shiranui, which are zombie samurais. But the thing that I’m most excited about are the big cards like cyber dragon infinity, traptrix rafflesia, solemn strike, performapal pendulum sorcerer, and twin twister. I want to give you guys some more information on some of the cards I mentioned so that you guys can get on the hype train as well.


Yugi’s Legendary Decks Review

Hows it going my fellow duelist, Patrick here with yet another review, and this time this item is pretty awesome. Thanks to my friend at Konami, I was able to review this amazing product called Yugi’s Legendary Decks. Old school Yugioh fans, like myself, were super excited about this not only for the 3 decks Yugi used throughout the years, but because of the awesome cards that we finally get after so many years of waiting in the U.S. So lets go over what’s in this box.
Each box comes with 3 decks and each deck was used in certain periods of Yugis past. One from Duelist Kingdom, one from Battle City, and the last is when the Pharo Atum faced Yugi for the final duel.


High Speed Riders Review

Hello fellow duelist and welcome back to yet another Yugioh review. Today my friend from Konami gave me the privilege to review their newest set that just came out, and that is High Speed Riders. High Speed Riders is more of like a preview set, meaning that it is showing off how the packs will be after Breakers of Shadows is released.


Dragons of Legend 2 Review

What’s going on fellow duelist, today I have yet another Yugioh TCG review for you guys. Recently my friend from Konami gave me the privilege to review one of their newer sets and that’s the new Dragons of Legend 2. This set was an amazing set, so good I ended up buying a whole booster box and some to try and get the cards I want. So about the set a box comes with 24 packs and in each pack contains 5 cards. It will have 4 super rares and 1 secret rare in each pack. This set contained support the red eyes and toon decks, also introduced two new arc types prediction princess and aquaactresses. I’ll cover a little on some of the arc types in the set and let you know what I thought about it at the end.


Crossed Souls Review

What’s up everyone, Patches here doing another yugioh TCG review. My friend from Konami gave me the opportunity to review their newest set that came out, Crossed Souls. This set brought a lot of support for a lot of decks like performapal, fluffal, u.a., harpies, and burning abyss to name a few. They also introduced another arc-type zefras. Now zefras are very interesting, they are an arc-type that brings the 5 other major arc-types together, which normally they would never be able to work well with each other. It brings the Yang Zings, Satellar, Shaddolls, Ritual Beast, and Nekroz together making them a very complicated deck to deal with because they can potentially be running two different types of deck into one. I know that the zefra cards are gonna get more support later on making them the decks to beat. Lets move on to some of the decks that got a lot of support this time around, we will start with the U.A. cards.


Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review


Cast: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Riley Keough, Zöe Kravitz, Abbey Lee, Nathan Jones, John Howard, Richard Carter.


Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe: Completely Serious Review


This new intense Free-2-Play is now available on steam stores! Made by Tigerish Games,  Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe gives you limitless hours of mind-blowing, spine-tingling gameplay! Logic-Shattering Game modes include Classic and Ultimate  Tic-Tac-Toe. Each of these game modes contain the brain-frying Forget mode. Also including Gut-Retching  Single-player, Relationship-shattering  Hot-seat (Multiplayer from the same PC), Salt-inducing Online Multiplayer, 3 levels of difficulty, Ranking System, Leaderboards, and Achievements!!!