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Dust 514 is an upcoming console-based hybrid MMO/FPS set within the Eve universe, developed by CCP Games. It was announced on August 18, 2009 at the Game Developers Conference in Cologne, Germany and was introduced with a short trailer featuring unrendered footage of the game.

The game features users fighting ground battles in wars on planets in the Eve Online universe. According to a preview by Edge, the events that happen in this game will affect the EVE Online universe. Battles in this game can also determine who controls various planets in the EVE universe, and users in Dust 514 can interact with users from the EVE universe such as providing mercenary assistance. Hilmar Veigar Petursson said during his keynote speech that he hopes “these (Eve Online and Dust 514) communities will meld over time”, bridging the two games together. He also wanted to establish a relationship between the flying-oriented nature of Eve Online and the infantry-oriented nature of Dust 514, saying “while the fleet does the flying, the infantry does the dying”, this gives fans and players of Eve Online a new challenge in testing their FPS skills. A preview in PC World states that the plot behind the game will deal with cloned soldiers, and that some of these plot elements will be explained in an upcoming Eve Online novel

Here’s afew screen shots.



And here’s the video featuring the announcement of DUST 514 and gameplay footage, this was during a keynote address by CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson at the Game Developers Conference in Cologne, Germany where he discussed the info i mentioned earlier.