Character Customization: What is the right amount?

Today I started to play through Fallout New Vegas again as it has been a while since I had played it and I finally got all of the DLC for it.  As I was making my character fine tuning the face structure and picking out the different hair styles are started to wonder how much character customization needs to be in a game. Saints Row III one of my favorite games to have come out lately has a ton of character customization options in it, which is one of the main reasons why I love the game. On the other hand games like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls don’t have as much as far as they way of facial and body customization.

I think really it depends on the game to decide what is going to be the proper amount of character customization. RPG’s don’t need a ton of facial and body structure customization as most of the customizing comes from the different gear you are going to have access too. I don’t need to spend 30min creating an avatar for a facing game if all I am ever going to see is a helmet. There are games that over do customization and yes I love you Borderlands 2, but I am talking to you. I really really don’t need the hundreds of different skins for the vehicles in the game mine are always just set to default camo anyways. What do you think are some games that maybe over do customization or even some that don’t have enough.