Chase yourself from the future through time on July 17th in No Time To Explain for Xbox One

No Time To Explain is a comedy platformer that kickstarted tinyBuild. We’ve been working on a console version over the past year, and are pleased to announce – live from E3 – that it’s coming to Xbox One on July 17th.

Completely rebuilt in Unity
New Local Multiplayer Up to 4 Players
Redesigned Boss Fights
Redesigned Soundtrack
Xbox One release on July 17
Steam Remastered release on July 17; everyone who owns original gets Remastered for free

About No Time To Explain:

“I Am You From The Future! No Time To Explain, Follow m-OH CHRIST!”

Chase your future self through time and alternate realities while fighting giant monsters, collecting hats, and eating cake! No Time To Explain is a game about Time Paradoxes, Jetpack Guns and Ribs In People’s Eyes.