Checkout our May Tournament Schedule. *UPDATE*

We’re mixing things up a bit in May by officially adding  side events to our tournaments, on Friday’s we will add more range of fighters and Saturday adding FFA to our shooters, all side events will begin at 5 and will be single elimination to ensure they end by 6pm for our main event. Side events will also be a buy-in only event $5 per person that will go towards the prize.

The main events will continue to be free with the cash prize option, rules and more details will be posted week of each event so keep checking back.

Players are welcome to bring personal controllers, fight sticks, headsets, etc.  NO modded equipment will be allowed if you are found using anything modded during a tournament, it will be an auto disqualification and if you are in the cash pool no refund will be given.

Sportsmanship is a given, players are required to respect each other, Microsoft store and’s staff fail to do so will result in a forfeit of match, disqualification and/or future event suspension.


4th      Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – side event/ Skull Girls

5th      Halo CE anniversary – side event/ Free For All

11th   Super Street Fighter 4: AE  – side event/ Street Fighter 3 third Strike

12th   Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – side event/ Free For All

18th    STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN – side event/ Tekken 6

19th    Gears of War 3 – side event/ Free For All

25th    Madden 12 – side event/ Fifa 12

26th    Ghost Recon Future Soldier team tournament – side event/ Free For All