Christmas in Auratia



Even though winter’s embrace has yet to fully arrive in Europe, dragon riders should still prepare! The new content patch for Dragon’s Prophet is one of festivity and joy that includes numerous Christmas items in order to celebrate the holidays in the land of dragons. As an early Christmas gift Infernum opens the gates to the new high-level region Olandra. Lush, green meadows and forests are waiting to be explored, unknown adventure await on the sunny sand beach and the two new dungeons challenge even the toughest dragon riders. In addition the level cap is raised to 94. A new video shows what awaits players in the event zone.

Players can expect Christmas trees and the chance to adorn their homes with the season’s most beautiful decorations. Adventurers can also encounter a mysterious new dragon called “Randolph” who has a very specific means to be caught. It’s up to the players to find out how this one of a kind dragon can become their companion. In the capital Arteicia, a large and magnificent Christmas tree leaves the city‘s streets brightly illuminated. From here, the player can transfer via teleport to the event zone. In a wintery landscape players are free to help townsfolk with tasks, take part in an enormous snowball fight and have a chance to win useful prices. All these marvelous activities will reward the player with goodies fit for Christmas, such as experience potions and fireworks to bring in the holiday season.

Infernum is also pleased to be working with the video game pioneer and well-known concept artist, Mike Sass. After he has previously completed many projects for BioWare and has especially illustrated role-playing games for the most important representatives of the industry. He has now designed exclusively for Infernum the dragon “Sadras, the Bone-eater”. Those who pre-order the brand new, huge dragon package in the shop, not only have the chance to get an exclusive dragon, but will also receive this awesome dragon as an additional Christmas gift.