Cinemaware’s Kickstarter campaign for Wings remastered edition 100% funded



Cinemaware has succesfully reached 100% funding for its ongoing Kickstarter campaign, Wings: Remastered Edition. Fans have come to support the campaign and the goal was reached yesterday, so far attracting over 1,200 backers. This is a major milestone, as the campaign still has 6 days left to run and the company is hoping to reach additional stretch goals that would allow it to develop additional platform versions, localized languages, and even new content such as new missions and a even a German campaign.

The team behind Wings has also been hard at work at improving its demo, and a brand-new PC version has just been released for free download at The demo features fully developed gameplay functionality and is a great proof-of-concept for the vision of the full game when it is released in June 2014.

Cinemaware is inviting all fans and gamers to join the 56th squadron and help in the revival of this great game!

Wings is a World War I flight combat game, originally released by Cinemaware Corp. in 1990. The title earned critical acclaim and some of the highest praises of all Amiga games at the time due to its unique gameplay and emotionally involving storyline. Now, Cinemaware is bringing this beloved classic back in a full HD remake featuring all of the original missions, storyline and gameplay presented with new up-to-date graphics, music, sound and controls. The game will be available on PC, Android and iOS, with additional platform options for Mac, Linux, AmigaOS, OUYA as well as PSN/PS4! The project will see a 2014 release.