Remembering Classic Gaming


What happened to you? Classic consoles from our past, do you await in the attic collecting dust in a box. Bundled up in trash light shines through the cracks powerless and dead they await for the day they awake in peoples screams of frustration, when I’m beating that ass.

To: The classic gamer in all of us.

Here are some classic systems and games you might remember.

Pitfall released by Activision (1982)

System: Atari
Summary: 32 treasures 20 minutes of time can you make your way out of the maze? God knows I didn’t. As you run through a maze with Pitfall Harry you encounter multiple hazards in this labyrinth but be warned you only get three lives to complete this course. Keep your eye out for treasure as it will help you earn a higher score. Points are easily deducted for your mistakes so watch out for pits, stationary or rolling logs.

Review: I had a good time playing it back in the day with my cousin and older brother. Overall this game is fun if you’re a fan of the oldies.

Duck Hunt released by Nintendo in Japan (1984) Later released (1985) in the US

System: Nintendo

Summary: Just point the gun and click. The point of the game is to shoot these damn ducks. The clay disks, however, are a little more difficult to hit. I like to put the gun directly on the screen and cheat.

Review: If only there was a way we could shoot that laughing dog, for those of you that didn’t know we can, revenge never felt so good In VS Duck Hunt bonus stages. The dumb dog jumps from the grass in your line of fire trying to distract you. When this occurs shoot the dog down, it will make the bonus round end but its way worth it.

Sonic the Hedgehog released by Sega (1991)

System: Sega Genesis
Summary: As Sonic you try and stop Doctor Robotnik from gathering all six chaos emeralds with Sonics’ crazy abilities don’t forget to collect rings as you run to the end you’ll need them when facing Doctor Robotnik or come across hazards along the way. Collect 100 rings and you’ll hear a cool noise inducting an extra life.

Review: I really like old school Sonic the only downside to his abilities is he needs a running start to spin. My sexy Asian girlfriend loves this little blue hedgehog, why did they have to make him so cute? I hate competition.

Rival Schools: United by fate released by Capcom

System: Playstation
Summary: You get a lot of kick ass characters just smash buttons, make half circles to kick some ass one player or verses.

Review: This game is fun if you’re a fan of the fighting genre. I spent many hours playing this game before it came to its tragic end under a chair. Damn little brother didn’t know how to put games away back in the day. Lol.

I realize there are still a few systems I haven’t mentioned. I will be writing about the ones I missed in my next article.