Codename Cygnus update released for iOS, wins ‘stunning sound’ award at Boston Festival of Indie Games



Reactive Studios released an update for Codename Cygnus today, which was recently announced to remove the Facebook requirement for playing the game. The team also won the “Stunning Sound” Figgy Award at the Boston Festival of Indie Games last weekend.

“We are thrilled about receiving the Stunning Sound Figgy Award,” said Matthew Albrecht, Co-Founder of Reactive Studios. “We focused a lot on bringing in top-notch voice actors and composers for our recordings and on our sound engineering. It’s a real testament to our team’s efforts in making our game a high quality audio experience. It’s also great validation that an all-audio game experience is appreciated.”

The update that was released, addresses player concerns by removing any Facebook linking requirements to progress in the game and purchase episodes. This also makes it optional to save your player data online to access from any other iOS device.

Reactive Studios will also run a limited time promotion for Codename Cygnus in the new update. Players may download and play the first 15 minute episode for free (a $1.99 value), or purchase all of Mission 1 for $6.99 ($1 off the price at launch). Individual episodes will continue to cost $1.99.