COMBOMBO! When I’m Bombo..

Who wouldn’t want this game after watching that?!


  • Unique retro style arcade action
  • Simple, one-finger touch controls
  • Bright and colourful graphics
  • Four unique game modes
  • Six sweet tunes
  • Five locations

In the game you take control of Bombo, a top-hat wearing creature of unknown origins and help him rack up mega points in one of four different game modes. The rules are simple – shoot the Green Orbs to turn them into Red Orbs. The more Red Orbs you have on-screen, the more points you will earn when you hit the COMBO button and blow them up! Achieve the ultimate COMBOMBO by racking up as many combos as you can. But be careful, those Red Orbs are super dangerous! Just how many can you handle?

What do you do when you “Bombo”?

Now Available on iOS and Android, PC and Mac coming soon

Price: $0.99