Comic Con 2016 Gear of War 4 Panel

During comic con I was able to attend San Diego Comic Con International. A sold out even that only comes around once a year. Word to the wise those that want to go to panels, depending on popularity you should sit through one or two panels Prior to the panel you plan on attending in order to get good seats. The Panel was hosted by Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) and already on stage with him was the director Rod Ferguson. On stage on the table sat a The limited edition Xbox one.


The console itself Ranges from $450-500 USD. It comes preloaded with Gears of War 4 and is playable early once it is released the game bundle also comes with a vintage Dell and Oscar with pre-order. The Console has a 2TB Hard Drive and is lazer etched to have a torn look to it to match the console. On stage they had an exclusive controller modeled after JD’s armor. They also had a new Lancer Replica on the table. The replica is made by PDP. They light up and make sounds!


After talking about the lancer and console bundle Nelson introduces the Voice actors of the game: Liam McIntyre(JD), Laura Bailey (Kait), Eugene Byrd(Del) and Paul Lazenby(Marcus). During the panel they revealed that they recorded all of the dialogue together and even did a live script reading(in which everyone read a different character). They also revealed another voice actor during the panel through a video!

20160721_144621(yes that is Jimmy Smits!)

After showing a couple of clips they opened the floor up to a questions in which they revealed that there was more added to Horde Mode such as being able to build defenses where you want instead of it being set in place. Another question that was asked was if there was a possibility that there was a chance of a Gears of War Movie. The reply was that there was something that was coming but no confirmation of what it could be(Maybe a Gears coloring book???) Another fan asked what the D in JD’s name stood for but was never given an answer, instead it became a running joke about the letter D. After a while of chanting it was confirmed that YES the D stands for Dom! It was also confirmed that there will be No Saw off shotguns in the game.

Gears of War 4 Come out October 11th but Early access is on the 7th of October. The console, JD Controller(a Gamestop exclusive) and Elite controller drop on the 7th. Video of the panel will be up soon!