Comic-Con Epic’s Gears of War: Judgement Panel

The Fanboygaming staff head to one of Comic-Con’s most anticipated video game panels, G4’s Morgan Webb hosts Epic Games Gears of War: Judgement and not only was it funny as hell, but the panel was very informative giving Gears fans a lot to look forward too. Here is what we managed to get out of Cliffy B and the rest of the great minds behind Judgement.

One of the topics that was discussed during the panel was some of the early ideas that was thought up in the planning stages of Judgement. One of the video they showed us was a armored ticker, this ticker had an armor shell an was able to roll from one place to another making it easier to get inside and explode, ultimately this idea was scratched but just hearing and seeing this idea shows the creativity of the Epic staff.  There were talks and arguments among the staff about what possible weapons they might bring into this title, whether or not they should introduce new weapons or just keep to what has been used already in previous games(Lancer, Gnasher, Hammerburst), although Judgement is still in the works so far there has been some new weapons introduced but exclusively for the new mode “Overrun” which is basically a attack and defense game and the winner is decided by how fast each team destroys the opponents generator. Also added in Overrun is classes of Cogs and Locust

COGS Classes

Engineer: Engineers are used mostly for repairing fortifications by Baird’s words himself “very handsome” they are also equipped with a gnasher shotgun and are able to post temporary sentry’s for protection.

Soldier: The soldier class are used for just that, they are there to attack and kill enemy Locust. Soldiers are equipped with a Boom Shot and Lancer.

Medic: Medic are for assisting your team they are not given any weapon to defend themselves to don’t expect too much action while using this class. Medics are given a Revive Grenade, one of Epics newest creations. The Revive Grenade are tossed at your downed team members to instantly get them back on there feet. It also increases the your speed on healing when you have damage on yourself.

Scout: Scouts are basically snipers , they are able to get up to exclusive perch spots so provide cover fire and if communication is good amongst your team a scout can spot the enemy letting your team know where the enemy is at all times.


Tickers: Ticker are the lowest tier of the Locust army but they are definitely annoying. Tickers have two abilities, both are very basic but if used correctly and smart can be very beneficial to your team when taking out the COG Generator. Ticker have a fast dash to run past enemies and get to the generator and are able to eat grenades and explode on queue. Exploding is helpful for of course killing a distracted COG or to do a good amount of damage to enemy fortifications.

Wretch: Wretches are another low tier Locust and are the kryptonite to the COG scouts because they are also able to get the areas only Scouts can get too. Wretches have a weak melee attack but there best ability is there stun scream.

Grenadier: This class is a equavilant to a a COG soldier. These are mid-tier Locust and if you are a veteran in the Gears franchise then this is the class to go. These locust have it all, Lancers, Gnasher shotgun, and frags that can be thrown once the frag meter is full.

Kantus: The Kantus class is a higher tier Locust, not exactly the same as the COG medic because of the hammerburst that the Kantus is able to use so that can assist and attack. As all Gears fans know the kantus has a revival ability to help teammates.

Corpser: Corpsers are on my opinion the highest tier locust mainly because is the amount of damage it can take before dying. The corpser has a strong melee attack which eliminates fortifications and is able to burrow underground to get past enemies and obstacles.

Centipede: The centipede are mostly used to take down fortification’s only because the only way to kill them is to shoot it from behind

Mauler: The mauler is another hard hitting locust, able to take down fortifications and enemies. Maulers have the spinning shield ability which allows it to deflects bullets and deal damage to enemies who touch the spinning shield.

Fred Tatasciore the voice of the beast Damon Baird and many other locust was also there to comment on his thought. Fred is a huge Baird fan, mainly because he says there have the same personality. Fred describes Baird as a guy with a lot of “heart” and is a “great leader”. Epic expained why they decided to go with Baird’s past. Since Baird did not have that “moment” that everyone else had in Gears of War 3 and in the whole gears franchise for that matter. Epic just wants to cover how Baird was demoted from Lieutenant down to private.

I would have to say the best part of the whole panel was what a Hardcore fan did just to get the Epic staff to announce the release date to Gears of War: Judgement. G4 paid for a tattoo and all they needed was a fan willing to get the Gears Omen tatted on his leg. When Epic saw this they had no choice but to release that information. So the set release date for Gears of War: Judgement is March 19th, 2013!!!

Here are the some of the questions that some the the fans had:

Q. Would any members of Carmines family be in this game?

A. No, Epic just want to focus on Baird and his team.

Q. Why is the hammerburst and lancer included in this title before they were invented?

A. Well, they are aware that these weapons were not invented they are still fun to use so they decided to keep it for the sake of fun.

Q. Why Baird?

A. There was a survey done and in turns out that Baird was the most popular character.

Q. Will this title explain more on Queen Myrrah and the Lucust Horde?

A. To keep the story interesting there are keeping the locust and Myrrah as a mystery. Cliffy B said that they might leave it a secret forever and take it to their grave just to “Troll” the fans.

Q. Will there be any character cameo?

A. They are still talking about putting in cameo’s but it’s looking like a yes right now.

Q. Why did they change the button to LB for a grenade toss?

A. For faster Gameplay.

Q. Will there be any new locust or weapons?

A. They said maybe on the Locust but they will introduce some new weapons for overrun.

Q. Will Minh Kim be in this game?

A. No.

Q. Will there be dedicated servers?

A. Yes.

Q. Is Myrrah Marcus’ mom?

A. NO!

Q. Will this game shed more light on the Pendulum Wars? (FBG Question)

A. This title will introduce a character named Major Paddox who was in the Pendulum wars and he will talk about it in the campaign.

Q. What is the update on the Gears of War Movie?

A. They do want to make a movie but they rather wait to make sure it’s good rather than rushing it only for the movie to be bad. Cliff is making phone calls to “ramp it up”.