Commander Shepard VS Master Chief!

commander shepard vs chief

The most epic battle of heroes. Master Chief VS Commander Shepard. Who will win? Ill start of by saying that they are both Icons and heroes to everybody.  Both are capable of saving the entire world by themselves. If we think of Commander Shepard as a pure soldier he would match up with Chief. Both have extraordinary sets of skills. Both characters have strength, speed, and great weapon skills. Master Chief has mastery on an incredible amount of weapons which include sniper rifles and even and energy sword. Commander Shepard has an excellent selection of weapons and he also has an omniblade.

In terms of pure skill they are tied. Chief is a spartan, Shepard is an N7. In terms of weaponry Shepard has the advantage due to the vast selection of weapons that he can choose from. In terms of hand to hand combat Chief has the advantage because of his enhanced strength.  In terms of backup Commander Shepard has the advantage due to his beast ass companions. In terms of Armor Chief has the advantage due to his better shields. All in all a “Soldier” Shepard would tie with Master Chief. A biotic Shepard however would destroy Master Chief.

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  1. Cortana hacks Shepperd’s Omni tool and now he’s useless while Chief destroys him with a Spartan Laser.

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