Commando Jack Launch Trailer for iOS

If you think one man against an entire alien civilization are unfair odds, you don’t know Jack!” (Commando Jack )

Commando Jack is a tower defense game where you go first person to control four different turrets to fight aliens. The aliens threat to attack tourist hotspots around the world. Commando Jack’s arsenal has four different turrets which consist of one remote control grenade and three guns and all can be upgraded three times. PLUS a nuclear bomb and a UAV (it provides an aerial view like a gunship)! you also get 26 different items to defend the world. Nine alien types with most reacting and changing to the way you play.

Game features:

  • Classic Tower Defense combined with First-Person Shooter
  • First-Person, Third-Person and Aerial view points
  • Zoom in and out of the battlefield
  • 5 locations: London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Cairo
  • 4 difficulty modes
  • 26 weapons
  • In gamer perks
  • 9 different enemies:

5 interactive enemies

2 interactive bosses

1 mechanical flying shark

1 sniper

  • Endless mode
  • Shop, buy more weapons, upgrades and more
  • Huge boss fights
  • 20+ hours of gameplay
  • 44 Achievements and leaderboards

Release date to be announced