CommenTerry: OverPowered Weapons



We’ve all had a time where we thought… “OH MY GOD! THIS IS POWERFUL!”

Whether it be a gun, sword, bow and arrow, or what have you, there’s been some extremely powerful weapons in gaming history. Join me as I count down just a few of my personal favorites, and be sure to comment if I missed any!


5. Dual 1887s

Alright, let me explain… I hated Call of Duty MW2 for one reason. One huge, annoying, crazy, enraging, reason. That was, because these two puppies could shoot you straight across the map. Seriously, it makes me wonder what Infinity Ward was thinking when they allowed players to run around with two giant shotguns in each hand, capable of blowing anyone in their way into oblivion. Not even the Terminator could dual wield 1887 shotguns.


4. DMR

In a similar case with Call of Duty, the Halo franchise was ruined for me when they decided to bring this weapon into the game. The DMR was basically a much more powerful version of the BR, except that it shot only one bullet and had this new “concept” called bloom. In Halo Reach, the bloom was too much for me to handle, so I used the Needle Rifle, which absolutely no one ever used because the DMR was basically the better version of it. I quickly gave up on Halo Reach and decided to give Halo 4 a try. Lo and behold, my beloved BR is almost completely outclassed by the rifle here as well. Thanks 343i.


3. Shark Gun

Now you may have recently seen the Shark Gun in an iteration with the now defunct THQ’s Saints Row. However, before that game decided to wrangle it in, the Shark Gun had actually been in Lucasart’s Armed and Dangerous. I shouldn’t really have to explain it, but this gun shoots SHARKS, living SHARKS, right at your opponent before promptly gobbling them up. Tell me thats not OP.


2. Fat Man

Fallout 3 and it’s spinoff, Fallout New Vegas brought us some pretty amazing weapons. However, Fallout 3 introduced us to the glory that was the Fatman. This giant pneumatic launcher shot scaled down nukes at anything we needed it to. SCALED… DOWN… NUKES. The explosions made by this thing are glorious, and you feel instantly powerful and ready to take on the world… until you run out of the very expensive and rare ammo. The unique version, the Experimental MIRV, furthered this spectacular weapon by shooting 7 of the things at the same time. Tell me you wouldn’t crap your pants if you saw 7 NUKES coming at you.


1. Death Star

Do I really have to say why this is number 1? I mean it’s not exactly from a game per se… but still. It blows up planets. OP please nerf!

2 thoughts on “CommenTerry: OverPowered Weapons

  • May 16, 2013 at 10:42 am

    you forgot EVERY damn shotgun in Black Ops 2! hell in any CoD game they’re always way over powered and can snipe across the damn map, makes no sense!

  • May 16, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    What about the scarab-gun in halo 2? What about the nuke in MW2 (It makes you win the game whatever your score is)? What about the ability to hold to needler in each hand in halo 2? Also I do agree with you that the death star is OP and I could be wrong but Isn’t the Death Star a vehicle?

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