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Competitive Gamers: Trash Talk


Last Saurday, Fanboygaming held a Black Ops 2 4v4 cash tournament. At this event was a gamer named Sleet, a semi-pro Call of Duty player. Now, I would say that many of the players who enter our events, especially the Call of Duty ones, bring an acceptable amount of hype along with them. However, this particular competitor seemed to take things to the next level. Is he entertaining? Is he disrespectful? How can such a little man express a large amount of trash talk? Perhaps most of us are not yet ready to accept this element of competition. You decide.


  1. This sums up why I am online only now, I just can’t take prepubescent cod kids yelling….I am getting old.

  2. He’s the kind of kid where his parents don’t believe in school so he spends massive amounts of hours playing cod to make himself feel like a god in a game. I played against them all they do is camp drop shot and quick scope all signs of noobs who find the cheapest way to win instead of skill. When they faced us they said I sucked but he was the one that was on his ass most of the game cause I know how to counter noobs.

  3. that is honestly really terrible bm. people will never take e-sports seriously with people behaving like that. if it were my decision, i’d definitely DQ him.

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