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Compromised for XBLI

Super Soul is proud to announce the release of Compromised on Xbox Live Indie marketplace for 240 MS points.

In Compromised, you are Aero, a defender struggling to protect your world from invading forces. Stranded in the wastelands of Se-Da you must survive the enemy assault and take down massive bosses in an effort to find a way home.
Compromised is a top-down shooter spanning 10 levels of hardcore action with over 25 enemy types, four massive bosses featuring their own levels, and an intriguing story.

Compromised features a unique art style inspired by the 16 bit era but with the added possibilities of current gen tech, a custom soundtrack written by an experimental electronic artist, and cutscenes to immerse the player in the intriguing plot. Mixed in is an upgrade system, a specials weapons system to unleash havoc on the enemy, and free DLC already being developed.