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Confirmed Zombie Modes on Black Ops 2

Today was a big day for Trearch, with the release of the zombie trailer and now some zombie game modes. Trearchs seem really promisiong and it looks like that there is still more to come. This was taken from Trearchs Twitter page” Treyarch’s Mark Lamia revealed the new Black Ops 2 Zombies game modes at a press event this week. Black Ops 2?s Zombies mode will feature no less than 3 game modes at launch. Check out the list of game modes and their descriptions below:”

“Classic Survival

Fend off endless waves of undead.


Story-based Zombies campaign set in an expansive world for players to explore. Players will have access to transportation, the fortified bus seen in Zombies mode’s first trailer, to travel from map to map. Players will be able to fight on the bus as it transports the team. They’ll also be able to get off the anti-zombie bus, “go out into the fog” to explore, and search for items and new dangers. Tranzit mode also features player-created items, “buildables” that can be used as weapons or a means of defense. The assault shield seen in the reveal trailer is an example of the player-created items.


Competitive mode that pits humans versus humans versus zombies. Players can’t directly shoot each other to kill the opposing team, but you can make their lives harder. Grief will be playable in matches of two to eight players in various team-sizes.”

Hopefully they will decide to release the list i had posted up earlier so that Trearch can expand their zombie gameplay even more.