Contagion: Open Beta Review

This game is a Early access zombie game made by  Monochrome LLC who are also known for making the HL2 Free-To-Play mod Zombie Panic Source. Like Zombie Panic Source, this game is a HL2 mod. There are only two modes so far; Player vs Player and Extraction.

Player vs Player is my personal favorite and most liked to the community that I talked to in-game. Player vs Player or PvP starts out with 6 survivors spawning at random locations with a one random melee weapon and one random pistol with one clip in it. Then survivors have to look threw houses for weapons and ammo.

There are Survivors, CPU Zombies, and Player-Zombies. When you die in PvP you turn into a zombie and try to kill the remaining survivors. Contagion contains many weapons like Bats, Knives, Sledgehammers, and axes to Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Pistols only to name a few.

You have a lot of freedom to play the way you want to; you can go stealthy and sneak around the zombies, go guns blazing, go throughout the map and hunt survivors down, or barricade yourself in a house. This game mode is scary, intense, fair to new players, has good CPU, and has tons of playability.

The other game mode is Extraction. This game mode is very different from PvP; you spawn in a random place in the map and you have a GPS on your phone that you use to track survivors that need ‘Extraction’ out of harm for the zombie attacks. You and other in-game survivors have to escort CPU survivors house to house and fight off waves of infected. If you die you become a zombie and need to kill all the remaining survivors.

This game mode I don’t like at all because its directed on where you can go mission wise and at times not very responsive CPU zombies. In a zombie game I like to have choice in how I play and sure you can choose how you protect the CPU survivors but that’s it so its not really MY type of game mode.

Overall the game is great and its only in open beta so I know it will get better. There are a few bugs here and there but other than that it has a lot of playability with a very active community. You can get Contagion on the Steam Market for only $14.99. I give Contagion a 6.5 out of 10.