Crash City Mayhem Release Date Now Revealed!


Ghostlight has finally given us the official release date for this action driving game on the Nintendo 3DS eShop and it is….

May 9th!

There are many reasons why this game is widely known but the one people crave for is for it’s high-octane driving thrills in glorious 3D! Dashing towards Nintendo eShop, Ghostlight has made this hot-on-wheels game into a fun and sporty game offering a crazy variety of vehicles including mopeds, supercars and tanks!

The more you destroy, the greater your rewards are as you smash through city streets in a series of dangerous missions against an evil syndicate of terrorists! But you are not vulnerable as you can drive in the most bizarre places such as rooftops, sewers, inside buildings, rail tracks and more. You can even unlock a secret stash of exclusive items and vehicle upgrades as well.

So are you ready to dodge cops, high-speed pursuits, rescuing hostages and planting bombs? I hope so! Be sure to get this exciting game when it’s released soon!